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Rand Paul’s NSA Quest

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Paul’s desire to end NSA data collection is something I can agree with 100%, but he doesn’t need to lie about where the program came from to get the job done. That’s being political, and it cheapens what he is trying to achieve.


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No Right Turns…

Downton Abbey ending after season six

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No Right Turns



Curse you Obama!!!!

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No Right Turns

On matters ranging from health care and

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Just a thought …

When you compare the President to Hitler,

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Rubio Calls for IRS Commissioner to Resign?

Republican Tea Party (GOTP) darling and frontrunner for the party’s 2016 presidential nod is proving – yet again – how he’s not ready for prime time. While trying to demonstrate how tough he is, and how much he’s “on top of things”, Senator Marco Rubio’s reportedly sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew strongly urging Lew, and President Obama, to “demand the IRS Commissioner’s resignation, effectively immediately.” There’s just one problem, there is no IRS Commissioner.


Fact is the last IRS commissioner, Douglas Shulman, was appointed by President George W. Bush in March of 2008 and resigned in November, and furthermore, considering the rate at which the GOTP has stonewalled everything in the Senate it’s very unlikely the President could get anyone appointed to the position, perhaps that’s why he hasn’t even tried?

Poor Marco, so clueless; is he really so misinformed that he didn’t know, or is the Senator’s staff so full of misanthropic misfits that no one bothered to check before making their boss look like a moron? At any rate, the junior senator from Florida signed the letter, and, as Harry Truman might say, “The buck stops there.”

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No Right Turns

To put things in perspective, if this

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