Many Republicans “not impressed” with 2012 field

18 Jun

According to recent poll numbers 40%, four in ten, of voters identifying themselves either as Republicans Tea Party (GOTP) or those leaning towards the conservative end of the political spectrum are saying they’re not pleased with their current choices in the GOTP presidential field.

When asked to describe the current group of candidates, 37 percent of respondents said they were “not impressed” or “unimpressed” with the GOTP hopefuls.

The more damaging for the “wannabees” is that 48 percent of Independents described the GOTP candidates negatively while just 10 percent offered a positive one-word description. To win the White House in 2012 the GOTP candidate must win a large number of Independents.

While the general dissatisfaction is not likely to cause a drop of GOTP voter support, it could very well hurt whoever comes out on top of the heap when needing to woo the Independent voters essential for defeating the President.

President Obama is the young, intelligent, animated and dynamic candidate. Whoever opposes him better be able to stand toe to toe on at least three of those items, and the current group maybe can match up on one, or two. In other words, the current group of GOTP hopefuls has been weighed; they have been measured; and they have been found lacking.

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