President Obama’s record on Israel

20 Oct

During this week’s CNN Republican Tea Party (GOTP) debate, Michele “Krazy” Bachmann made the absurd claim that, “The biggest problem with this administration and foreign policy is that President Obama is the first president since Israel declared her sovereignty (to) put daylight between the United States and Israel.”

Krazy’s statement doesn’t support the facts; President Obama, late in 2009, transferred 55 bunker-buster 5,000 pound bombs to Israel putting it in the perfect position to take out Iran’s buried nuclear facilities; or perhaps to target Hezbollah’s buried bunkers in Lebanon at its earliest convenience ( ).

Ever since he was elected, conservative talking heads have claimed President Obama was pro-Palestine, but just a month ago the President led the charge in the United Nations (UN) to deny the creation of a Palestinian state, and now it turns out he gave Israel the capability to defend itself in the event Iran continues its nuclear program.

It’s time for the whiny GOTP presidential hopefuls to shut their collective pie holes when it comes to the President’s stance on Israel; while Bush equivocated Obama acted.

Under President Clinton aid to Israel was $4,132,000,000 but under the Bush administration aid to Israel steadily declined to $2,424,000,000; under President Obama aid to Israel is on the rise once again $2,550,000,000 in 2009 and $2,770,000,000 in 2010 with continued increase expected through FY 12.

So, which party supports Israel? Under President Clinton aid to Israel reached its highest point and then was steadily cut under Bush (even though we were fighting the War on Terror), but has risen again under President Obama; Bush refused to give bunker busters to Israel, but President Obama has given them. Facts don’t lie, but GOTP presidential candidates – like Bachmann – clearly do …

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