Coulter Blames Liberals for Herman Cain’s Sexual Harassment?

31 Oct

The Banshee of the uber-conservative talking heads has decided where the truth lies regarding the charges of sexual harassment against Herman Cain; and it isn’t on the Pizza Man’s shoulders. “There’s nothing liberals fear more than a black conservative,” Ann Coulter asserted on Geraldo At Large over the weekend. “This is an outrageous attack on a black conservative who is doing extremely well and I think will be our vice presidential candidate.” Later, in response to fellow conservative Juan Williams challenging her logic, she laughingly claimed, “Right-wingers never bring up personal attacks like this.”

“This is the conservative Republican establishment going after Herman Cain,” Williams retorted.

What was very interesting in all this exchange is while Geraldo required Williams to back up his assertion he apparently never thought to require Coulter to do the same.

Williams said – very logically – that liberals hadn’t yet spun up opposition research operations against Cain. “For the last 10 days, the Republican establishment has been going after Herman Cain,” Williams said, pointing out Cain’s comments on abortion and his tax plan have been attacked by conservatives. “A lot of that has come from people like Grover Norquist who’ve said, ‘This (the 9-9-9 plan) is going to drive up your taxes, don’t fall for it.’ So this is the Republican establishment. Karl Rove, Grover, those guys.”

The Banshee of course had nothing to truly counter Williams evidence, “Number one, right-wingers never bring up personal attacks like this.” After cleaning off my computer screen from my spit takes, I thought, “Really Ms. Coulter, conservatives don’t make personal attacks”?  Well, how about Mike Huckabee’s attacks against Mitt Romney’s faith in 2007, and again this past month by Rick Perry? What about allegations against John McCain by the Bush machine in 2000 regarding a “black child” during the lead up to the South Carolina primaries?

Williams pointed out that right now Cain has no liberal opponent. “What he’s running against is Mitt Romney, Rick Perry. Those are the people who are right now fighting, battling Herman Cain and who are being hurt by Herman Cain’s tremendous success… This is a political fight going on for the Republican nomination among Republicans and the split inside there is between Republican establishment and grass roots Tea Party folks – most of whom right now have been going with Herman Cain.”

The Banshee is – as always – off her nut, and completely ignorant to real political facts; Williams however, as a conservative pundit who really pays attention to politics and not just attacking liberals, is spot on with his analysis. Does Coulter really think the Democratic Party is afraid of Herman Cain? He would be a great candidate to run against, and would be torn not just to shreds, but to little tiny shreds by the President in a debate.

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One response to “Coulter Blames Liberals for Herman Cain’s Sexual Harassment?

  1. frogcycle

    November 3, 2011 at 04:36

    Her mouth runs not connected to whatever it is she has in lieu of a brain. IF the “liberals” were to make such an “attack” (identifying facts about a candidate’s past is an attack?) they would surely wait until he had the nomination sewed up. Right now, the best thing non-rightwingnutcases can do is sit back and watch the fun.


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