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Reasons Why I Cannot Vote for Trump – 26 May Edition

The ever expanding list of reasons as to why I cannot vote for Donald Trump:

make america great again2
20 May 2016 – During an address to the National Rifle Association, Trump claimed it was Hillary’s agenda to “release violent criminals from jail. She wants them all released.”

8 May 2016 – During an interview on Meet the Press, Trump continued to lie, stating the United States is the “highest taxed nation in the world.”

8 May 2016 – During an interview on Meet the Press, Trump ignorantly claimed noncitizens can vote when there is same-day voter registration.

7 May 2016 – Trump lied to a crowd in Lynden, Washington, saying “Hillary Clinton wants to abolish the Second Amendment.”

4 May 2016 – Trump lied during an interview on NBC Nightly News, saying “You look what’s happening with the migration in Europe. You look at Germany; it’s crime-riddled right now.”

3 May 2016 – Trump told a whopper to Fox News when he claims Ted Cruz’s father was linked to the JFK assassination.

2 May 2016 – Trump lied to a crowd when he said he is receiving the “most votes ever in Republican primaries.”

2 May 2016 – Trump lied during an interview on CNN’s New Day, claiming “Frankly, (Hillary Clinton) doesn’t do very well with women.”

27 April 2016 – Trump lied when he claimed during a “foreign policy” speech that,  “ISIS is making millions of dollars a week selling Libyan oil.”

27 April 016 – Trump lied when he claimed during a “foreign policy” speech that, I was totally against the war in Iraq, saying for many years that it would destabilize the Middle East.”

11 Nov 2015 – Trump said not only would he not raise the minimum wage but that workers were overpaid in the United States, “wages too high…”

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Latest 2016 Presidential Polls – 17 May 2016 Edition

The Republican Tea Party (GOTP) clown bus has lost all of its passengers but is still being controlled by its fascist driver, Donald Trump, careening from side to side along the road, crashing into guard rails, threatening to send the GOTP off of the proverbial cliff and taking the rest of us with it.

decision 2016

Trump has won the Republican Party’s nomination, but this victory is still not an endorsement of conservatism in America but rather it is an indictment.

On the Democratic side, we still have a race, well, sort of, Hillary Clinton has all but locked it up while BernBots continue to insist Bernie Sanders can pull it off.

Nationally, the two are not that close:

A CNN/ORC Poll from 28 April to 01 May has:

Hillary Clinton 51%

Bernie Sanders 43%

In Kentucky’s primary tonight, Clinton won 47/46 with 24 delegates to Sander’s 22

In Oregon’ primary, Sanders appears to have won 53/47 with 21 delegates awarded at this time to Clinton’s 17.

The last big primary, California, is coming up on 7 June, along with Montana, New Jersey, and New Mexico.

California – KABC/SurveyUSA Poll from 27-30 April has Clinton way over Sanders 57/38.

Montana has no recent polling data available.

New Jersey – Monmouth Poll from 1-3 May has Clinton over Sanders 60/32

New Mexico – Albuquerque Journal Poll from February had Clinton over Sanders 47/33.

Clinton leads Sanders 2,281/1,516 total delegates – counting superdelegates, which are delegates, whether BernBots like it or not. It is going to be a Clinton vs. Trump general election, barring anything unforeseen. No, the FBI will not be removing Clinton from the race.

So, how does November look right now? According to all currently available state-by-state polling data, it looks like Clinton buries Sanders 379/159.

2016 Electoral Map 16May16-2

Nationally, the polling numbers are:

Gravis Poll 10 May – Clinton 48/Trump 46

PPP (D) 6-9 May – Clinton 47/Trump 41

CNN/ORC 28 April to 1 May – Clinton 54/Trump 41

According to recent polling data available, if the election were today, odds are Hillary Clinton will be the 45th President of the United States, and Trump would be a footnote in the history books.

If you are a Republican, fear for your Party; the lunatics – aka the Tea Party – are now clearly in charge of the asylum, and the future does not look very good.

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No Right Turns

Let me be clear

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No Right Turns

Donald Trump arrives at the Miss USA 2013 pageant, Sunday, June 16, 2013, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/Jeff Bottari)

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