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On the GOTP threats of impeachment

There has been a lot of bantering, pontificating and general bloviating on the right since the mid-term elections, and chief among the spewing of words has been the word “impeachment.” Every Tea Partier is foaming at the mouth, rabidly wanting to see the President removed from office in disgrace.

Sorry to break it to you, but it is never going to happen.


First, in order to remove the President of the United States through impeachment he or she must have committed an act of “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors,” as clearly outlined in Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution of the United States – a document the talking heads and politicians on the right would be well served to read from time-to-time. There are no provisions for removing the President because you do not like his policies, his party affiliation or the color of his skin.

Black’s Law Dictionary defines “Treason” as, attempting to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance; or of betraying the state into the hands of a foreign power.” The President has not attempted to overthrow the government, nor has he betrayed the country into the hands of a foreign power.

Bribery is defined as, The receiving or offering any undue reward by or to any person whomsoever, whose ordinary profession or business relates to the administration of public justice, in order to influence his behavior, and to incline him to act contrary to his duty and the known rules of honesty and integrity.” Gee, once again, the President has not committed any such offense.

Black’s further defines “High crimes and misdemeanors” as being “such immoral and unlawful acts as are nearly allied and equal in guilt to felony, yet, owing to some technical circumstance, do not fall within that definition.” As much as the likes of Hannity, Limbaugh, etc., would like to claim, think and propose, the President has yet to commit any such crimes.

So, besides the fact there is no “cause” for Republican Tea Party (GOTP) controlled Congress to attempt to remove the President, that will not stop them from trying to do so. There is just one small problem, while the House can “impeach” the President with a simple majority vote, Article I, Section 3 of the Constitution is very clear as to how many votes are needed to convict.

“The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments. When sitting for that Purpose, they shall be on Oath or Affirmation. When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside: And no Person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two thirds of the Members present.”

Dream on Tea Partiers, your long sought for victory over President Obama will never come to pass because you and your minions lack the 2/3s majority needed to convict him of whatever trumped up charge the House deems to throw at him. In order to convict the President the GOTP would need 67 votes, meaning at least 14 Democrats would need to side with them, which is never going to happen.

In short, do not waste the time and energy to try to impeach the President, you will be wasting millions of dollars and in the end, you will look incredibly stupid.


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Arpaio claims President’s Birth Certificate is a phony?

Arch conservative, Republican Tea Party (GOTP) Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s planning to hold a news conference where he’ll no doubt prove beyond a shadow of a doubt just how delusional he really is; he’s claiming he’ll be releasing new findings from his ongoing investigation of President Obama’s birth certificate, which he believes is a forgery.

Reportedly, in an interview with birther-friendly website World Net Daily, the so-called, self-proclaimed, “toughest sheriff” in America says he’ll be revealing new evidence he believes will prove that Obama’s birth certificate and Selective Service documentation are bigger fabrications than he is.

Arpaio held a press conference last month where he unveiled his probe’s “initial findings” claiming there was probable cause to believe the President’s identification documents were forged.

Arpaio’s no class act, this is the same guy who’s currently under federal investigation from the Department of Justice surrounding alleged racial profiling by his department; of course with the substantial resources of the Maricopa Sherriff’s Department we might expect that his next announcement will be that he knows who killed the Lindbergh baby, and where Amelia Earhart’s been the past 75 years. It’s probably nice to know the Sherriff’s most pressing issue is to continue down the rabbit hole of birtherism and that there’s nothing more important to be worried about in Maricopa. Regarding the President’s birth certificate being a phony; who else but Arpaio would be more capable of spotting a forgery, after all he’s been impersonating a law enforcement officer for quite some time now.

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Secret Service Probe Photo of Shot-Up Obama Shirt

According to NBC News, the Secret Service has launched an investigation into – of all places Peoria, Arizona to be precise, Police SGT Pat Shearer, a highly decorated officer, uploaded a picture on his Facebook page showing seven young men holding up a shirt with President Barack Obama’s face on it riddled with bullet holes.

The photo was uploaded to Facebook on 20 Jan 12 complete with the caption, “Another trip to the ranch,” and  was quickly removed, after the Secret Service showed up and started asking about it.

“We’re aware of it, and we’re conducting the appropriate follow-up steps,” Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan told The New York Times.

The Peoria Police Department has also mounted its own internal probe into the photo.

“We have a social media policy that addresses employee conduct with respect of the use of social media,” Jay Davies, a spokesman for the department, told Arizona CBS affiliate KPHO.

He reportedly said Shearer would remain on duty while the investigation is carried out to determine whether his actions violate the department’s social media policy.

Shearer – not surprisingly – is saying the imagery of the picture is being taken out of context.

“I don’t think that the shooting of that t-shirt is that big of a deal. … I think it was more of a political statement,” Shearer told Arizona’s ABC15. “Obviously, it’s not like they were going to go out and shoot the president, no.”

Exactly what kind of “political statement” does SGT Shearer think he’s making? He has a group of what appears to be white teens, holding automatic weapons and pistols, with a t-shirt bearing the first Black President’s image shot full of bullets holes; just some good old white boys out shooting? The only possible “political statement” to be construed here is that you want the President assassinated; because, I’m sorry, but this isn’t something anyone – especially a police officer – jokes about.

On top of that, considering this is Arizona – the same state where they just lost one of their members of Congress (Gabbi Giffords) due to injuries sustained in an assassination attempt which left six dad and more than a dozen wounded – this is a very BIG deal. There’s a huge question here about Shearer’s judgment, and that should be a concern for the community he serves; but wait, what am I thinking? This is the home state of Sherriff Joe, and the OK Corral.

The Secret Service should investigate, and Shearer should resign or be fired. This is a big deal; it isn’t harmless fun. I think it’s safe to guess which political party Shearer and his teen minions are members of, Tea anyone?


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GOTP Sponsor of Bill to Require Drug Testing For Georgia Welfare Recipients Arrested For DUI

Georgia State Republican Tea Party (GOTP) Representative Kip Smith, the same Kip Smith who wants all welfare recipients to be subject to drug tests, has a problem; he ran a red light early in the morning and he failed a field sobriety test.

Kip, whose real name is John Andrew Smith, first told police he hadn’t been drinking.

“I asked him again, and he stated he had consumed a single beer at Hal’s. I noticed also that Mr. Smith’s eyes were watery, and I asked him to exit the vehicle, which he did,” the arresting officer said in his report.

Smith told the officer he’d had the beer 45 minutes earlier, and the officer asked him to blow into a hand-held “intoximeter”. The officer said the lawmaker refused, stating he would prefer to go to a clinic or the hospital to get tested.

The officer said Smith finally agreed to blow into the device. The report stated that Smith blew a .091, which is above the legal limit of .08.

So, not only is Smith obtuse, but he’s a liar too.

Funny thing about all this is Smith’s one of those new GOTP types who’s a disciple of right-wing rhetoric and believes anyone on public assistance is a drug addict out to rip off society; of course recent studies in Florida aside which found less than 1% of those seeking public assistance failed drug testing. And because Smith’s an uber-conservative he’s also sponsoring Georgia House Bill 464, requiring “random drug testing” for citizens on public assistance. In response to Smith’s legislation, Democratic State Representative Scott Holcomb introduced a bill last month requiring all state lawmakers to be subject to random drug testing; perhaps there should also be a requirement for random breathalyzer testing as the Representatives drive into the state capitol parking area?

Smith’s just your typical petulant, whiny, uber-conservative who believes laws are for everyone else but not for him; people needing help should be drug tested but GOTP politicians can drive around drunk behind the wheel – no biggy. Perhaps he’ll enjoy the mandatory drug testing that will be part of his probation?

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Giffords ‘makes me want to vomit’?

MSNBC is reporting that a former Marine whose wife of 54 years was killed last year in the Tucson shootings that left six dead and 13 injured, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, has strong feelings about the Arizona lawmaker and her retired astronaut husband, Mark Kelly.

“Every time I see them on TV,” George Morris told the Arizona Republic, “it makes me want to vomit.”

He said he and his wife had gone to Giffords’ town-hall meeting outside the grocery store in Tucson on 8 Jan 11, to complain to his congresswoman, who he says kept voting for liberal causes (go figure a Democrat voting for Liberal causes); but before he had a chance to whine, a gunman began shooting people in the crowd. Morris’ wife, Dorothy, 76, was killed in the rampage, and he was hit in the legs and back. Giffords was shot in the head.

Reportedly, in the days following the shooting, Morris, a self-described “ultraconservative,” refused an invitation to have President Barack Obama visit him in his hospital room, according to the Arizona Republic.

“I will not kowtow to anyone,” he told the newspaper. “People would not believe that I would refuse the president.”

No, I believe it, Morris was an angry white whiny conservative before the shootings and he continues to be an angry white whiny conservative; big surprise. As a Marine (because in truth there are no former Marines) he should’ve been honored to have the President – his Commander in Chief – visit him in the hospital, it’s called respect and clearly Morris never learned that while he was in uniform; you respect the office, not the man, and Morris’ attitude speaks volumes about the kind of Marine he probably was, and the man he is today. Don’t care whatever he did as a Marine, his current words and attitude drowns it all out. I’ve little doubt as a self-described “ultraconservative” he undoubtedly supported then, and continues to support now the extremely “liberal” gun laws of Arizona which allowed a lunatic to buy weapons, clips and ammo he shouldn’t have been able to get and to ultimately murder his wife and five others.

Morris, who had campaigned on behalf of Giffords’ opponent in the 2010 election, said he didn’t think Giffords should be in office then or now.

“I think she ought to be thrown out of Congress posthaste,” Morris told the Arizona Republic. “I do not think she is worthy of serving.”

He also said Giffords’ husband should’ve had better security in place to protect his wife, knowing she was a target of death threats, and reportedly blames the former astronaut for his wife’s death.

“I’d like to debate our dear captain astronaut (and ask) why he didn’t have security,” Morris told the Arizona Republic. “My wife would still be alive.”

Well, maybe she’d still be alive, but since the gunman was a crazed individual does Morris really think he wouldn’t have attacked as he did, or that somehow his wife wouldn’t have been shot anyway? Of course, then he’d probably argue there should’ve been more security; but exactly why would an officer in the United States Air Force have been responsible for providing security for his Congresswoman wife? If Morris had shown up and there’d been armed guards no doubt he’d have screamed about the Congresswoman being afraid to meet her constituents and called her a coward, or that she’d had her jackbooted thugs there to frighten people.  Morris is a jackass and he’s a disgrace to the Marine Corps. No one’s responsible for his wife’s’ death except for the gunman, and perhaps the pervasive ever-escalating violent rhetoric from the right leading up to the attack.

I’m deeply sorry for his loss, but he’s still an angry white whiney conservative jackass (which means a donkey – for conservatives reading this post).

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Democrats are Nazis?

A Florida Republican congressman who likened Democrats’ opinion shaping to the efforts of Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels has lamely attempted defending his comments even as criticism has continued mounting..

Republican Tea Party (GOTP) Congressman Allen (Walter E. Kurtz) West from Florida made the Nazi reference a few weeks ago when asked about Congress’ approval ratings and the blame the public has apparently assigned to Republicans.

“If Joseph Goebbels was around, he’d be very proud of the Democrat Party because they have an incredible propaganda machine,” West said, according to Politico, the Arlington, Va.-based news organization that first reported the comments.

Goebbels was Adolf Hitler’s propaganda minister.

West, who represents a South Florida district containing an influential Jewish constituency and a sizeable population of Holocaust survivors, told reporters, in his remarks at the Capitol, he was comparing Democrats to Nazi propaganda, not the Nazis themselves, but that did little to quell controversy.

Ah yes, because comparing Democrats to Nazi propaganda was OK?

“Congressman West needs to immediately apologize for insulting the memories of the millions who lost their lives during the Holocaust,” said Steve Israel, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Comparing political differences today to the worst Nazi propagandist diminishes what happened to millions of Jewish families during the Second World War. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that Congressman West has made this type of hateful remark that makes a mockery of what millions of Jewish families suffered.”

West (Kurtz), defended his latest remarks, saying through a spokeswoman that twisting his comments was “a perfect example” of what he was talking about.

“Congressman West was referring to the `lies, deception and manipulation’ coming from the Democrat propaganda machine and comparing that to the same misinformation coming from Goebbels during World War II,” spokeswoman Angela Sachitano said.

West is a loose cannon and a lunatic – he’s a frightened little man trying to make excuses as to why his – and the Tea Party’s – “popularity” is beginning to wane; hope he’s enjoyed his short stint in Congress; crazy is no longer in vogue.


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Waterboarding’s OK because it was in a movie?

Republican Tea Party (GOTP) Congressional footnote Allen (Walter E. Kurtz) West is claiming waterboarding isn’t torture because he saw it in a movie?

The former U.S. Army Colonel – who was forced to retire after discharging his weapon next to a prisoner’s head who he’d threatened to execute – made an appearance on FOX PAC & Friends, where he was introduced as “Congresswoman West” by brainiac co-host Brian Kilmeade. “Kurtz” was appearing to attempt to counter the President’s statement that waterboarding was torture.

“I see that when we continue to read Miranda rights to people such as the underwear bomber, we are using the advantage and leverage that we have,” West said. “And furthermore in the movie G.I. Jane, Demi Moore was waterboarded, and we do use that in military training and Survival, Escape, Resistance and Evasion training.”

OK, so by that logic, if we find a witch in a town all we have to do is drop a house on her and we’re good?

There are actually two things wrong with Congressman “Kurtz’s” statement, and I’ll use small words so everyone can get this; first, G.I. Jane’s a movie, which means she wasn’t really waterboarded; second, when our military personal are waterboarded in Survival, Escape, Resistance and Evasion training they know they’re not going to die so it’s not the same, they know the trainers can only go so far, that’s why it’s called “training”.

West is a lunatic; he was sent packing from the Army for mistreating prisoners and he’s the last person who should ever be called as a subject matter expert on what’s right and wrong concerning torture and interrogation of prisoners, but if you’re FOX PAC he’s the first on your speed dial.

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President Obama is just like Hitler?

So, Hank Williams Jr., the country singer whose hit song “All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Monday Night” has served as the intro to “Monday Night Football” for 23 seasons, has been benched after having compared President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler during a Monday morning appearance on “Fox and Friends.”

On FOX and Friends, why is this not surprising? Just perfect, another white redneck comparing America’s first Black President to Adolf Hitler

It seems, that during no doubt a very in depth political discussion with the brain trust of FOX’s morning crew, Hank began discussing the President’s golf outing with Republican Tea Party (GOTP) Speaker of the House John Boehner this past summer; Williams said it was a political mistake, on par with “Hitler playing golf with [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu.”

(Cue Tim Allen voice) “ar-rooo?” What kind of comparison is that? ESPN shouldn’t have benched him for making a Hitler reference; they should have benched him for making an obtuse one.

Of course the Hitler comparison wasn’t the only issue with the interview; Hank doesn’t seem very lucid throughout the segment, stumbling over his words and at one point declaring President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden to be “the Three Stooges.” Even Steve Doocy figured there was something amiss there when he pointed out, “That’s only two”.

But, because his on air appearance wasn’t enough, Williams released a statement later explaining he was “misunderstood.”

“Some of us have strong opinions and are often misunderstood. My analogy was extreme — but it was to make a point. I was simply trying to explain how stupid it seemed to me – how ludicrous that pairing was.

“They’re polar opposites and it made no sense. They don’t see eye-to-eye and never will. I have always respected the office of the President.”

No doubt his moonshine and beer soaked Brain Captain wanted to continue the conversation with something like, “I mean, it’s like Mary Ann and Ginger, what’s up with that?”

So, in today’s right wing uber-conservative world when you want to say, “Why would Boehner go golfing with the President, they’re polar opposites and it makes no sense; they don’t see eye-to-eye and never will;” you actually say, “The two of them playing golf together was a political mistake, on par with Hitler playing golf with [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu.”?

Of course after comparing the President to the most despised despot of the modern era it always helps to say, “I have always respected the office of the President.” But one can only imagine what the dangling unsaid finale to that sentence was, probably something like, “It’s just this boy I don’t respect.”

The Dixie Chicks were skewered for speaking out against the actions of Bush/Cheney, Hank should be similarly skewered; of course it doesn’t mean the end for this good old boy, he can always go on Hannity alongside Ted Nugent, or perform a set or two with Huckabee; FOX is always looking to headline this kind of performer.

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Cheney says Obama should apologize to Bush administration?

Only someone as twisted and convoluted as former Vice President Dick Cheney would think the President of the United States owes the George W. Bush administration an apology after taking out terrorist leader Anwar al-Awlaki.

And what would be Darth Obtuses’ logic behind such a bizarre statement? Well, it appears while appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday, he said President Obama needs to apologize for his past criticism of how the Bush administration interrogated suspected terrorists.

The Obama administration “in effect had said that we had walked away from our ideals or taken policy contrary to our ideals when we had enhanced interrogation techniques,” the former vice president said. Al-Awlaki’s death indicates that members of the Obama administration “clearly have moved in the direction of taking robust action when they feel it’s justified,” Cheney said.

“You’d like an apology, it sounds like?” host Candy Crowley asked the former vice president.

“Well I would,” Cheney responded, “I think that would be a–not for me–but I think for the Bush administration.”

“I think it was a very good strike. I think it was justified,” Cheney added regarding the strike against al-Awlaki, CNN reports. But Cheney added, “I’m waiting for the administration to go back and correct something they said two years ago when they criticized us for ‘overreacting’ to the events of 9/11.”

Did Obtuses fall out of the idiot tree and hit every branch on the way to ground?

There is a world of difference on using a drone strike against a terrorist convoy and torturing a prisoner. One is an actual act of combat against a combatant; the other is the ploy of the international thug attempting to extract information.

Bush/Cheney committed acts in violation of international law when they authorized the use of torture against prisoners; President Obama acted decisively and took out a number of enemy combatants with one drone. When one is fighting a war – as in the war on terror – one uses bullets and bombs. The President doesn’t owe you – or Bush – anything; be grateful there weren’t investigations into your conduct and slink back under your rock.

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Angry White Guy Claims President’s Birth Certificate Is A Fraud?

The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that aging Republican Tea Party (GOTP) crooner Pat Boone is insisting President Obama “originated in Africa” has shown the world “a photo-shopped fraud,” and that he’s not a Christian.

I guess Pat’s just one more of those uber-conservative racists who is having a difficult time adjusting to having a Black man in the White House.

Boone claims that during an alleged trip to Kenya, he (Boone) “interacted with Kenyans” who claim Obama was born there.

“I was in Kenya a year and a half ago and everybody said, ‘You know, he was born here,”’ Boone told Chronicle.

I’m just amazed that while Boone was on his “trip” to Kenya, he interacted with Kenyans. That’s as amazing as going to Germany and interacting with Germans; or going to Belgium and interacting with Belgians. Of course, I don’t think tipping the bell boy is really considered “interacting with” anyone, but hey, whatever you want to imagine Pat.

Like one of his songs, the argument is the same old tired refrain that the President of the United States is spending millions of dollars “hiding all of his records” and that esteemed “experts” have dubbed the certificate a fake.

Which experts would that be Pat, the 40s something conspiracy theorists blogging madly from the basements of their parent’s homes? Or is it anyone of the myriad of voices you hear daily from deep within your alcohol addled mind? Remember all those Hollywood drinking parties you attended while portraying yourself as that clean cut “family values” guy?

“Why else would he be hiding all of his records? He’s spending millions of dollars so that we do not have his records,” Boone said. “And experts have already looked at and been able to verify that this long-form document is a fraud… But the media ignores it… A total fraud. A photo-shopped fraud.”

Well Pat – or should we say Chuck? That is your real name isn’t it, Charles Eugene? – as a matter of fact, experts have authenticated that the long form birth certificate is legitimate (

Yes, the President’s birth certificate is legitimate, which is more than anyone can say about your singing career almost entirely based on “covering” Black artists’ songs during the segregated days of 1950s and 60s, or your advertising career for “Acne-Statin”; how much did you pay out for that fraud Pat?

Unfortunately, Boone appears to be part of the whole senior white guy’s club who just won’t accept their guy lost. They’ve lost touch with reality, and they’re grabbing at straws to try to illegitimize the President; as a popular bumper sticker says, “Get over it already, he’s the President”.


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