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Right Wing Radio is Fading

For two, count em two, consecutive election cycles right wing talk radio has attempted to swing the votes of the American public, and failed.

During the 2006 Congressional elections, Limbaugh, Hannity, Boortz, etc, made wild accusations trying to scare people into continuing to support a conservative political agenda responsible for Iraq, Gitmo, the Patriot Act, Abu Ghraib. They failed. In 2006, the Democrats took control of Congress in-spite-of Hannity and company claiming America couldn’t afford Nancy Pelosi, and her “San Francisco Bay area ideals”.

In 2008, the Right Wing tried again to scare America with a non-stop litany of wild accusations against Barrack Obama. They claimed he “palled around with terrorists”, “didn’t support the American Military”, and that he “hated America”. Well. Rush, Sean, Neil, etc., you were all wrong again; and you couldn’t manage to sway anyone into the McCain/Palin camp. In fact the Republican party lost states in the last election.

What does this mean? It means that by-and-large the bulk of the American public aren’t buying it anymore. Your brand of hate, doom and fear simply isn’t popular. You’ve outlasted your usefulness to the Republican party and to Reagan Conservatism.

Hannity continually likes to say things like, “What would Ronald Reagan do?” Well, Sean, for one thing Ronald Reagan would never have invaded Iraq. He would never have allowed the Federal Government to balloon as George W. Bush did. He would never have allowed secret prisons in Europe where basic human rights were forfeited, and he would never have allowed America’s Military to be used to torture prisoners. You claim to be a Reagan conservative, and yet you supported so many Bush/Cheney initiatives that Reagan never would have supported.

Sorry guys, but the only people you have paying any attention any longer are the die-hard, religious, right wing fanatics who actually thought someone like Sarah “I can see Russia from my house” Palin was ready for prime-time. Oh wait, but people who listen to right wing radio generally are the types who share the believes of folks – like Sarah – that man and dinosaurs co-existed together; or that women who are raped, and become pregnant, have no choice but to keep the spawn of a rapist. And people – like Bill O’Reilly – who will attack Jamie Lynn Spears for being a pregnant teen, but will celebrate Bristol Palin’s teen pregnancy.

Time’s up.

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