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Is President Obama a U.S. Citizen?


I’m sorry but this question is so absurd it’s laughable.

Who really believes – besides Rush, Hannity, et al, and their whacked out listeners – that President Obama is not a citizen of the United States?

Well, U.S. Army Reserve Major  Stefan Frederick Cook, set to deploy to Afghanistan, doesn’t believe he is, and it’s for that reason he refused to deploy with his unit. The Major’s orders to deploy have since been rescinded.

Sorry Major, but your argument’s a load of BS and you know it. So, you said you wouldn’t accept orders from the lawfully elected President because you’re a birther? You wouldn’t go to Afghanistan because it’s Obama ordering it? But Major, the conflict in Afghanistan started under President Bush, not President Obama. So, the reality is you’re just opposed to deploying, not because it was Obama ordering it.

Your entire, specious argument was that since President Obama wasn’t born in the United States, he can’t be the President, and if he can’t be the President, then the order being issued for you to deploy is not a lawful order?

Lucky for you this is not a declared war, otherwise you might have been facing the death penalty under UCMJ for refusing to obey a lawful order.

Fact is Major Stefan Frederick Cook, and all the other cartoon characters who believe this nonsense need to grow up. If there had been any, and I do mean any, evidence that President Obama wasn’t a citizen Hillary Clinton’s people would have discovered it.

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Did Cheney Violate the Law?

dick cheney

Well, let’s see?

The current CIA Director testifies to both the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives that former Vice-President Dick Cheney ordered the Central Intelligence Agency to withhold information from the Congress.

Yep, he violated the law.

So, now what?

If the Congress has a backbone – and that’s a really big if – then it has little choice than to begin an investigation.

But not just Congress; the United States Justice Department also has to investigate, and probably prosecute a case against, the former Vice-President.

Note, that’s the United States Department of Justice – not the Department of Law in the White House as incorrectly identified by the soon-to-be former Governor of Alaska, a.k.a. the former GOP Vice-Presidential hopeful, a.k.a. the “slutty flight attendant” looking hockey mom.

No person in our country is above the law. Not Richard Nixon. Not Henry F. Potter; and definitely not Dick Cheney.

Former Vice-President Cheney helped send our country into a war based on lies, gathered through illegal torture of prisoners, who then lied to stop being tortured. He then – unlawfully, and unconstitutionally- ordered the CIA to not disclose information to the Congress. Is there anyone, besides, Rush, Hannity, et al, and their ever shrinking audience, who thinks this was more than slightly immoral, as well as unlawful?

The Congress, and the Justice Department, must investigate, and if evidence is found, then these bodies must also prosecute. To do otherwise would establish a precedence too damaging to imagine. Federal law was established to ensure that our intelligence agencies would have checks and balances. The CIA – part of the Executive Branch – answers to the oversight of Congress.

It’s time for the men and women of the Congress to fulfill their constitutional responsibility and make sure the CIA understands its place in the political pecking order of our Republic. To make sure that the Executive Branch understands that it does not have unlimited power to do as it pleases.

The CIA answers to Congress, and the Congress, and Vice-Presidents answer to We the People.

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