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Willard and Donald?

The Associated Press (AP) is reporting Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presumptive nominee Willard Mitt Romney’s courting voters and donors at a Las Vegas fundraiser with conservative businessman Donald Trump.

This latest trip into the venue of strange political bedfellows comes amidst fresh criticism from Republicans and Democrats alike over Trump’s continued questioning of President Obama’s citizenship, and yet, of course, Willard hasn’t condemned Donald’s moronic claims, offering yet again another example of abject reluctance to confront the GOTP’s more extreme elements.

Asked to weigh in on Trump’s birtherism, Willard equivocated, “I don’t agree with all the people who support me.” Of course no one really knows what that might be, but Willard continued, “But I need to get 50.1 percent or more.”

So, what exactly does that mean, “I don’t agree with all the people who support me,” and, “… I need to get 50.1 percent or more”?

Who’s exactly supporting Willard who he doesn’t agree with? Or even more importantly how far is he willing to push this logic?

To what extent will he go to win?

If he’s willing to pal around with the likes of Donald Trump who elses’ support is he willing to accept in order to reach the magic “50.1 percent or more”?

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Arpaio claims President’s Birth Certificate is a phony?

Arch conservative, Republican Tea Party (GOTP) Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s planning to hold a news conference where he’ll no doubt prove beyond a shadow of a doubt just how delusional he really is; he’s claiming he’ll be releasing new findings from his ongoing investigation of President Obama’s birth certificate, which he believes is a forgery.

Reportedly, in an interview with birther-friendly website World Net Daily, the so-called, self-proclaimed, “toughest sheriff” in America says he’ll be revealing new evidence he believes will prove that Obama’s birth certificate and Selective Service documentation are bigger fabrications than he is.

Arpaio held a press conference last month where he unveiled his probe’s “initial findings” claiming there was probable cause to believe the President’s identification documents were forged.

Arpaio’s no class act, this is the same guy who’s currently under federal investigation from the Department of Justice surrounding alleged racial profiling by his department; of course with the substantial resources of the Maricopa Sherriff’s Department we might expect that his next announcement will be that he knows who killed the Lindbergh baby, and where Amelia Earhart’s been the past 75 years. It’s probably nice to know the Sherriff’s most pressing issue is to continue down the rabbit hole of birtherism and that there’s nothing more important to be worried about in Maricopa. Regarding the President’s birth certificate being a phony; who else but Arpaio would be more capable of spotting a forgery, after all he’s been impersonating a law enforcement officer for quite some time now.

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FOX “News” anchor suggests President Obama threatened Chelsea Clinton’s Life?

So-called “fair and balanced” FOX “News” has a huge credibility problem; it seems weekend anchor Heather Childers twittered a link to a story from an uber-conservative blog suggesting the Obama campaign may have threatened to murder Chelsea Clinton during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Childers reportedly tweeted a blog post from titled, “Did Barack Obama Campaign Threaten Life of Chelsea Clinton to Keep Parents Silent on Obama’s Ineligibility?”

The “article” suggests someone “associated” with the President’s 2008 election campaign threatened to kill Chelsea Clinton should President Clinton talk about “Obama’s birth certificate or lack thereof.”

Because a junior senator from Illinois could do that and get away with it; are you serious? Yeah the United States Secret Service which still protects former President Clinton and his family would’ve just gone along with that. Of course the blog (rag) doesn’t offer anything as proof of this claim, but you don’t have to do that in right-wing world.

So, Childers’ source for her tweet, how credible is it, and what are some of the other riveting headlines from

Well, how about “President Obama Channels Joseph Stalin and Attacks Supreme Court Justices”?

Or try this one, “Alabama Supreme Court Justice Says Barack Obama Birth Certificate Would Not Stand Up in Court.”

Why do I envision a creepy kid sitting on a porch playing a banjo when I read stuff like this?

This is absurdity run amok and of course a FOX “News” employee has picked up the ball and run with it. Why? Because the folks at FOX “News” are the biggest sufferers of Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS) and the biggest “legitimate” news organization to perpetuate far-right conspiracy theories such as the birther craze.

FOX “News” is anything but a legitimate news organization and it’s the farthest thing from being “fair and balanced”. I think of my Dad’s advice that when a company trumpets something loud and long it’s usually its weakest point.

FOX is where uber-conservatives go to get their daily fill of propaganda and “news”; of course that’s all interspersed with extremely heavy doses of right wing talk radio throughout the day from the likes of Rush “she’s a slut” Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Is it any wonder in a recent poll of Americans on the question of keeping troops in Afghanistan 75% were opposed while 25% were in favor of it; what’s the rough percentage of FOX viewers? Yep, you guessed it, about 25%.

Childers should be sent packing, but of course knowing FOX she’ll probably get her own weeknight prime time show for her excellence in broadcast journalism.

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No Right Turn

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Birthers and the GOTP Candidates

Not since Donald “the Hair” Trump dropped his run for the Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential nomination has the issue of President Barack Obama’s citizenship been raised, but now it seems the Reverend Ricky Perry is attempting to rekindle the birther conspiracy anew.

Apparently Reverend Ricky met with “the Hair” last month in New York City, and later told Parade Magazine he has no “definitive” answer on whether the president was born in the United States. “It’s a good issue to keep alive. It’s fun to poke at him,” he told John Harwood in a follow-up interview.

“It’s a good issue to keep alive”?

“It’s fun to poke at him”?

These are the types of comments that have catapulted Perry to bottom dwelling mud sucking stature in recent polling; we haven’t seen this type of ignorance in a GOTP candidate since another Texan vacated the White House recently.

But wait, what have other GOTP contenders said about the President’s illegitimacy?

Well, way back in March, just before she started her ill-fated run for the White House, Michele “Krazy” Bachmann said if she were to run the very first thing she’d do is offer up her birth certificate.

And of course like any good candidate courting the fringe uber-conservative Tea Party vote, Bachmann has hinted at cynicism of where exactly the President was born, but when asked on ABC’s Good Morning America, she said that it wasn’t for her to say, and that Americans should take the president at his word.

The very next month found Krazy still being quite lucid, and she said it was time to move on from the birther debate when ABC’s George Stephanopoulos showed her an official copy of the president’s birth certificate. “Well, that should settle it,” she said. “Yeah, there you go; because that is not the main issue facing the United States right now.”

However, all you have to do to make a conservative turn “Krazy” is ask them a question on FOX PAC and BAAAAM! In a recent interview with FOX, Krazy was critical of the president for not immediately addressing the question of his citizenship:

“It’s an interesting issue that has gone on for so long, and it’s one that the president could have solved very early on. All he had to do was just answer some questions and show his document, and then people do an attestation that this in fact is a legal document, and it’s over, it’s done. And I think the president has neglected to focus on answering that question for people, and that’s why a lot of people still have it lingering on their minds.”

When he was first asked about the subject during an interview with the Atlantic back in February, Herman Cain replied, “I have no idea (if he was born here) … because I have not reviewed all the various ‘proof’ one way or another.” He went on, “That’s not a yes or a no. I don’t know. I don’t have a dog in that fight.”

By this summer however Cain was singing a different tune, suggesting in an interview that the President wasn’t a citizen, but had been “raised in Kenya.” The assertion came in Cain’s explanation for why he doesn’t consider himself an African American, but rather an “American. Black. Conservative.” Obama, on the other hand, is “more of an international,” he said.

Perry and Bachmann’s opinions are meaningless – just like their respective candidacies – but Cain’s in the big leagues now and can ill afford to be placed amongst the lunatics of the GOTP travelling circus; the fact he’s not capable of dismissing this argument shows just how desperate he is to court the crazy fringe element of the FOX watching, talk radio kool-aid drinking Tea Party rallying uber-conservatives – the same ones who will not vote for a black man when it actually becomes time to pull the lever.

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Angry White Guy Claims President’s Birth Certificate Is A Fraud?

The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that aging Republican Tea Party (GOTP) crooner Pat Boone is insisting President Obama “originated in Africa” has shown the world “a photo-shopped fraud,” and that he’s not a Christian.

I guess Pat’s just one more of those uber-conservative racists who is having a difficult time adjusting to having a Black man in the White House.

Boone claims that during an alleged trip to Kenya, he (Boone) “interacted with Kenyans” who claim Obama was born there.

“I was in Kenya a year and a half ago and everybody said, ‘You know, he was born here,”’ Boone told Chronicle.

I’m just amazed that while Boone was on his “trip” to Kenya, he interacted with Kenyans. That’s as amazing as going to Germany and interacting with Germans; or going to Belgium and interacting with Belgians. Of course, I don’t think tipping the bell boy is really considered “interacting with” anyone, but hey, whatever you want to imagine Pat.

Like one of his songs, the argument is the same old tired refrain that the President of the United States is spending millions of dollars “hiding all of his records” and that esteemed “experts” have dubbed the certificate a fake.

Which experts would that be Pat, the 40s something conspiracy theorists blogging madly from the basements of their parent’s homes? Or is it anyone of the myriad of voices you hear daily from deep within your alcohol addled mind? Remember all those Hollywood drinking parties you attended while portraying yourself as that clean cut “family values” guy?

“Why else would he be hiding all of his records? He’s spending millions of dollars so that we do not have his records,” Boone said. “And experts have already looked at and been able to verify that this long-form document is a fraud… But the media ignores it… A total fraud. A photo-shopped fraud.”

Well Pat – or should we say Chuck? That is your real name isn’t it, Charles Eugene? – as a matter of fact, experts have authenticated that the long form birth certificate is legitimate (

Yes, the President’s birth certificate is legitimate, which is more than anyone can say about your singing career almost entirely based on “covering” Black artists’ songs during the segregated days of 1950s and 60s, or your advertising career for “Acne-Statin”; how much did you pay out for that fraud Pat?

Unfortunately, Boone appears to be part of the whole senior white guy’s club who just won’t accept their guy lost. They’ve lost touch with reality, and they’re grabbing at straws to try to illegitimize the President; as a popular bumper sticker says, “Get over it already, he’s the President”.


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Conservatives Attack Obama For Referring To Birtherism As “Silliness”

Seconds after President Obama concluded his press conference on the release of his long form birth certificate the right-wing media talking heads began attacking him like a murder of angry crows, and all because he dared to call birtherism “silliness” – well, what is it if not silliness? – but then they – right-wing bloviators – really got steamed when he and the First Lady dared to go to Chicago to film an interview for Oprah, followed by fundraising events. And who do ya think was first out of the gates with an attack? Why it was the fine folks at FOX PAC of course.

“The President Said He Doesn’t Have The Time For Such Silliness … [And] As Soon As He Said It, He Got On A Plane … To Do The Oprah Show,” talking head Charles Krauthammer said. “The president is right on this … this is not a serious issue,” however? “[w]e saw how the president said he doesn’t have the time for such silliness … and as soon as he said it, he got on a plane to Chicago to do the Oprah show.”

Fellow FOX Droid Bret Baier added in response, “And then [he] went to New York for some fundraising.”

Ouch, boy does that hurt. Really? This is what you two have to say? The President calls birthers silly, but what’s more silly in the eyes of FOX PAC contributors? Giving an interview to Oprah and attending fund raisers? That’s it? That’s all ya got? And of course, no Republican President ever attended anything as silly as a fund raiser …

But then the little Leprechaun, Sean Hannity, chimed in “[Obama] Said ‘No Time For This Silliness,” But “He Literally Today Went To Fundraisers [And] Taped Oprah.”

The President “literally” taped a show? He didn’t figuratively tape it?If he does something Sean, then it would be literally. You keep using this word, I don’t think it means what you think it means.

Hannity didn’t stop with this one attack however, the little guy devoted several segments to discussing the president’s release of his long form birth certificate.  During one segment, he said, “The president literally today went to fundraisers, taped Oprah, you know, he said, ‘no time for this silliness,’ he has a lot of important things to do. I don’t think taping Oprah and playing golf and his other extracurricular activities is more important than, say, fixing the economy.”Now see, there you go using that word again, he “literally” went to fundraisers. Gee, Sean, you “literally” keep using the word “literally”.

But,you know, you’re so right Sean, fixing the economy is the most important thing, and how many bills has the Republican Tea Party (GOTP) controlled House introduced with the goal of fixing the economy? (cue chirping crickets) Anyone?




Is this thing on?

That’s right, none. But they have had plenty of time to introduce more than 100 bills aimed at ensuring federal money isn’t used to fund abortions; correcting something that is already prohibited.

Of course no FOX PAC attack would be complete with out the brain trust of FOX & FRIENDS chiming in, and chime in they did, spending several segments bashing President Obama for referring to birtherism conspiracies as “silliness” and then of course his having attended fundraisers and taping an interview for Oprah.

Steve Doocy daringly led the FOX & FRIENDS charge, “That’s right, in the 9:00 hour yesterday, Gretchen [Carlson, co-host], right here on the Fox News Channel, in fact, during a Donald Trump press conference, the President of the United States released his long form birth certificate. He was clearly frustrated. At one point, he said, ‘We do not have time for this silliness. We’ve got better stuff to do. I’ve got better stuff to do. We’ve got big problems to solve.’ Said we didn’t have time for silliness — and then he left to be on Oprah.”

Then in charges the sports guy with his really huge intellect, Brian Kilmeade, “It’s going to be on the last Oprah show, so that was it. He went and taped that. But then it was back to business. Three fundraisers in New York City. So … ”

“No time for silliness,” Doocy chimed.

“Yeah, no time for silliness,” Kilmeade rejoined. “Had to go back to work to campaign when he doesn’t have an opponent in the Democratic primary and won’t have a Republican opponent for about a year, but he wanted to raise money, and he did, in the millions of dollars.”

Riveting journalism there boys, truly riveting. Do you guys stay up all night thinking this stuff up? Because it looks like you just pull it out of somewhere, I don’t know where, but …

But wait, these two Einsteins were followed by the queen of silliness, Michelle Malkin.

“[H]ere we have him — had him have his press conference in DC lecturing us about the need to be serious, and then he turned his heels and immediately went to that serious venue, Oprah Winfrey. And then off to New York City for three very serious campaign fund-raisers. He’s on the job.”

You guys are so on top of this, thanks for keeping the trailer court crowd up to date on what is really important out there. I mean, how would they know what to think about this if you three hadn’t been right in the thick of this story?

Seriously, the President of the United States, the first Black President, is hounded for years to present his birth certificate, just to prove, you know, that he’s really an American, and you three have no problem with that? Jim Crow mean anything to you? Or do you think it’s a brand of whiskey?

But why stop with the morons of FOX PAC when we’ve got over a dozen GOTP members of Congress who are either birthers or won’t denounce the idea that Obama wasn’t born in the United States. So-called lawmakers in at least 10 states have introduced birther bills this year. But, hold on, self-appointed leaders of the birther movement are now saying that even this latest gesture by Obama isn’t enough. Yeah, but it’s not silly, or racist, or anything. Just because none of them will accept any document doesn’t mean they’re racist. No it means they are racist and ignorant. C’mon people, none of the previous 43 presidents has ever been asked to produce proof they were born here, only this guy. Why? First, he’s black, and we can’t have one of them in the White House, and second, he has a Muslim father, and we really can’t have one of them in the White House …

Anyone who is engaging in this conspiracy needs to look deep into their soul and ask why this matters. It isn’t because they love America, or because they love the Constitution, it’s because they hate having a Black man as their president.

There is no other logical explanation here. If you are among the group of people who proudly call themselves “birthers” you’re a racist. Sorry, but there it is.


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Arizona Governor vetoes ‘birther’ bill?

I honestly never thought I’d ever have to say something nice about Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, but on Monday she vetoed a bill that would have required President Barack Obama and other presidential candidates to prove their U.S. citizenship before their names could appear on a ballot in the state.

Opponents had warned the bill would give another black eye to Arizona after last year’s hullabaloo over the state’s illegal immigration enforcement law.

Brewer said she was mainly troubled that the bill empowered Arizona’s secretary of state – one individual – to judge the qualifications of all candidates when they filed to run for office. Brewer had served as Arizona’s secretary of state before becoming the Governor.

“I do not support designating one person as the gatekeeper to the ballot for a candidate, which could lead to arbitrary or politically motivated decisions,” she said. “In addition, I never imagined being presented with a bill that could require candidates for president of the greatest and most powerful nation on Earth to submit their ‘early baptismal circumcision certificates’ among other records to the Arizona secretary of state … This is a bridge too far.”

But “birthers” – almost exclusively members of the Tea Party – claim there’s no proof Obama was born in the United States, and he is therefore ineligible to be president, even though Hawaii officials have certified Obama was born in that state.

The Arizona bill would have required political parties and presidential candidates to hand in affidavits declaring the candidate’s citizenship and age. It also would have required the candidate’s birth certificate and a sworn statement saying where the candidate has lived for 14 years.

And what if the candidates had been unable – or unwilling – to conform with this new law? Well, if it couldn’t be determined whether candidates were eligible to appear on the ballot, the secretary of state could keep the names of those candidates off the ballot if she didn’t believe the candidates met the citizenship requirement. There were no provisions in the bill providing an appeals process for a candidate whose name was kept off the ballot.

The bill’s sponsor, Republican Rep. Carl Seel of Phoenix, said he was disappointed by the veto. It would have been reasonable to have the secretary of state — the state’s top election officer — decide whether a candidate had adequately documented his or her qualifications, he said.

Yeah, one person, deciding if someone could be on the state’s ballot would have been just peachy. There’s no way someone would have ever manipulated circumstances at all. Once again, just how stupid do you think we are?

Because the bill would have required candidates for all offices to submit documentation of their qualifications, he said, “it would have been excellent reform.”

An excellent reform for whom Mr. Seel? This is such a transparently clumsy move it’s laughable, thank goodness you underestimated your Governor, and thank goodness she did the right thing.

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Trump produced an unofficial birth certificate?

Sometimes all the tumblers really do fall into place and the result is a divine comedy. Yesterday, real estate magnate, and aspiring GOTP Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump thought he was poking President Barack Obama in the eye by releasing a copy of his own birth certificate. By doing so, “The Donald” had hoped to show how he could easily obtain, and show proof, of his natural-born citizenship, insinuating of course that the President had failed to do so, at least according to Trump, FOX PAC and those in the Tea Party’s “birther” movement.

But upon closer examination, what do our wandering eyes behold? Not Trump’s “official” birth certificate at all, but one “easily obtained” from the Jamaica Queens hospital where the wee Trumper was birthed. Yes, the birth certificate released to the conservative news site Newsmax – in an effort to harass President Obama – was issued only by a hospital; unfortunately for Trump, “official” birth certificates for New York City are however only issued by the city Department of Health.

As the old German proverb says, “A donkey can wear a lion suit but its ear will still stick out and give it away,” and so as Trump tried to embarrass the President of the United States he has simply come off looking exactly like the self absorbed, pompous, strutting, arrogant little jackass he is. He may be wearing a “lion suit”, trying to court favor with potential right-wing nut jobs, but clearly “his ear is sticking out”.


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Is President Obama a U.S. Citizen?


I’m sorry but this question is so absurd it’s laughable.

Who really believes – besides Rush, Hannity, et al, and their whacked out listeners – that President Obama is not a citizen of the United States?

Well, U.S. Army Reserve Major  Stefan Frederick Cook, set to deploy to Afghanistan, doesn’t believe he is, and it’s for that reason he refused to deploy with his unit. The Major’s orders to deploy have since been rescinded.

Sorry Major, but your argument’s a load of BS and you know it. So, you said you wouldn’t accept orders from the lawfully elected President because you’re a birther? You wouldn’t go to Afghanistan because it’s Obama ordering it? But Major, the conflict in Afghanistan started under President Bush, not President Obama. So, the reality is you’re just opposed to deploying, not because it was Obama ordering it.

Your entire, specious argument was that since President Obama wasn’t born in the United States, he can’t be the President, and if he can’t be the President, then the order being issued for you to deploy is not a lawful order?

Lucky for you this is not a declared war, otherwise you might have been facing the death penalty under UCMJ for refusing to obey a lawful order.

Fact is Major Stefan Frederick Cook, and all the other cartoon characters who believe this nonsense need to grow up. If there had been any, and I do mean any, evidence that President Obama wasn’t a citizen Hillary Clinton’s people would have discovered it.

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