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U.S. Army National Guard Spc. Timothy Shout, a native of Austin, Texas, scans the nearby ridge line along with other members of the Provincial Reconstruction Team Kunar Security Force element, following an engagement with anti-Afghan forces.  Shout is deployed from Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 143rd Infantry (Airborne) out of Austin, Texas. The unit took small-arms fire from a nearby mountain top during a routine patrol, and was able to suppress the enemy with the assistance of local Afghan National Security Forces.

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Just a thought…

leave no man behind


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Karzai said what?

It’s time for the United States to leave Afghanistan; according to Reuters, Afghan President (Bush’s handpicked puppet) Hamid Karzai has said in an interview to a private Pakistani TV channel broadcast that Afghanistan would support Pakistan in case of military conflict between Pakistan and the United States.

So, the country that has been harboring the Taliban and insurgents killing Afghans would side with that country?

“God forbid, if ever there is a war between Pakistan and America, Afghanistan will side with Pakistan,” he said in the interview to Geo television.

“If Pakistan is attacked and if the people of Pakistan needs Afghanistan’s help, Afghanistan will be there with you.”

It’s time for the United States to bring everyone home from that hell hole, we’ve accomplished the original mission of hunting down and killing those responsible for 9-11; After a decade there we have 1,814 Americans dead; 14,342 wounded; and have spent upwards of $1,042,000,000 dollars and the Taliban is still there, and spending another ten years there and another trillion dollars won’t change that.

As I said, it’s time to bring our people home, and on the way out the President needs to make it absolutely clear if Afghanistan ever harbors terrorists again then America’s retribution will come swiftly and without mercy upon those training to kill innocents, obliterating any and all traces of the camps, and anything else around it. He needs to tell them, “Fine, you want to handle things this way, well, we’ll see ya; but understand, America will never tolerate again terrorist training camps anywhere in your country, and we will destroy them and anything else near them with such force there will be no doubts from where it came. Oh, and have a nice day.”

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PVT Holmes Sentenced for Murder of Afghan Civilian Teen

According to Reuters, the youngest of five U.S. soldiers accused of murdering  unarmed Afghan civilians in cold blood has been sentenced to seven years in prison for gunning down a teenage boy whose corpse he posed with as if it were a trophy.

Andrew Holmes, who pled guilty to a single count of murder — reduced in a deal with prosecutors from the more serious charge of premeditated murder — admitted he made a “bad decision” when he shot the young villager at close range.

You made a bad decision Private? No, you committed cold blooded murder, and then posed with the body of your victim as though he were a deer you’d shot. You’ve done irreparable damage to your country’s image throughout the world and disgraced your uniform. You’re a punk and a thug.

Holmes still insists he had no prior intent to kill the boy but exercised poor judgment when he obeyed an order from a higher-ranking soldier in his unit to shoot the youth.

You got that right Private; what part of you don’t obey an unlawful order did you not understand? Shooting unarmed civilians is about as unlawful as it gets.

Reuters reported that the “higher-ranking soldier” is Specialist Jeremy Morlock, who was sentenced in March to 24 years in prison after pleading guilty to three counts of premeditated murder, including the January 2010 slaying of 15-year-old Gul Mudin near an Afghan village.

Morlock testified that after he tossed a hand grenade over a wall near Mudin to simulate an attack, he ordered Holmes to open fire.

In pictures taken after the murders, both Holmes and Morlock appeared in separate photos showing them crouched over the bloodied corpse of their victim, holding the boy’s head up for the camera by his hair.

Holmes also pled guilty to possessing a finger bone taken from the boy’s body.

These soldiers committed murder, took pictures standing over their victims, and took part of his finger as a trophy? These soldiers committed war crimes, and they are the monsters conservative bloggers and talk radio are proclaiming to be heroes who are being wrongfully prosecuted by the evil Obama administration.Under the UCMJ the maximum penalty for committing premeditated murder is death, and yet these animals get off with a mere prison sentence. Please spare me any outrage on how these so-called heroes have been treated.

Afghan families grieve just as American families do; Afghan mothers ache for the chance to hold a son one last time just as American mothers do; Afghan fathers weep for the promise snatched away of seeing a son achieve manhood just as American fathers do.

These murders are a result of demonizing people because of their religion, or their country, or their ethnicity. This is the result of nearly a decade of fear mongering and hate spewed daily on conservative talk radio and FOX PAC, dehumanizing part of the world’s population to the point that American soldiers torture prisoners and murder civilians. This is Bush and Cheney’s legacy; this is the America they created.


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McCain claims Afghan drawdown unnecessary risk?

2008 Republican/Tea Party (GOTP) Presidential candidate (lost) Senator John McCain said Sunday the Obama administration is taking an unnecessary risk in drawing down the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, and has  said none of the U.S. military commanders has recommended the drawdown.

Two things Senator, first, what would you call unnecessary, and second, which U.S. military commanders? These are questions your statements do not address.

How necessary is it for the United States to remain in Afghanistan? Thanks to President Obama’s decision to take out Bin Laden the original purpose for invading has been accomplished. We spend an estimate $2 billion dollars per week in Afghanistan, money our country can ill afford to continue spending.

Which U.S. commanders are you referring too, or are you just making that up? May I remind the Senator that the President of the United States is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and doesn’t need to listen to the U.S. Commanders. If any of them have disagreed as you claim let them come forward and say so, or they can cower behind you and remain anonymous. United States commanders do not criticize the President any more than any other military personal do, they follow orders. Privates do not disagree with lawful orders of superiors, and neither should these so-called commanders you claim to be speaking for. Of course, had you and the Ice Queen been elected into office you’d still have more than 100,000 soldiers in Iraq, and hardly any in Afghanistan while in all likelihood Bin Laden would still be hiding, and  you would have engaged in military action against Iran as you claimed you would have. Thank God you were not elected.

President Barack Obama has ordered troop reductions of 10,000 by the end of the year and another 23,000 by September 2012, and while the Marine general expected to carry out the president’s order to begin withdrawing U.S. troops has said the drawdown schedule is a bit more aggressive than the military had anticipated he has not said – as McCain has claimed – that it is an unnecessary risk.

You, Senator McCain, need to keep your opinions on military strategy where they belong, echoing inside your seemingly empty head. You were not elected because American voters rejected your delusional policies, and your promise to continue the same failed delusional policies of the Bush Administration. Get this through your thick skull – you are not the President and you will never be the President; thank you for your service, but now you need to accept you’re not in charge, and as I said before, thank God for that.

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Pat Tillman’s Mom says McChrystal should be removed from White House post?

Pat Tillman’s mother is calling for the dismissal of GEN Stanley McChrystal from his recent appointment by the White House as co-chair of a commission on military families. Mary Tillman, whose son left his NFL career to become an Army Ranger following the terrorist attacks on 9-11 and who was later killed in Afghanistan by friendly fire in April 2004, said McChrystal — the commander of special operations in Afghanistan at the time — was involved in the cover-up of the circumstances surrounding her son’s death and said President Obama’s appointment of the now-retired general “makes him look foolish.”

“I was actually pretty shocked to hear it; I don’t think it’s the appropriate choice,” Tillman told ABC News. “Considering that we have plenty of evidence indicating that McChrystal was involved in the cover-up of Pat’s death. . .he’s not the right person for that kind of a job.”

Amen to that Mrs. Tillman. Anyone, least of all a senior officer, who is involved in a cover-up surrounding one of his soldier’s deaths, has forfeited the trust of his subordinates, and their families. How does any family believe this guy will ever have their best interest at heart? How can they believe anything he tells them about their family members?

Not long after Tillman was killed in 2004, he was posthumously awarded the Silver Star for bravery. The Army’s initial report did not include any mention Tillman was killed by friendly fire and misrepresented key facts of the incident; McChrystal was the approving authority and the individual who submitted the award up the chain of command.

In 2009, McChrystal admitted to being part of the cover-up and apologized for it. Last year, McChrystal was dismissed as commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan after an article in Rolling Stone quoted the general and members of his staff disparaging senior Obama administration officials. So, one has to ask, why is this smuck still around? Why hasn’t he been asked to,  as Douglas MacArthur once said, “fade away”?

It’s time to fade away General, it’s time to fade away.

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Troops do not have a “right to defend themselves”?

During an appearance on Tuesday’s (29 Jun 10) Fox and Friends, God’s Self-proclaimed spokesman, Glenn Beck, suggested that the rules of engagement (ROE) in Afghanistan prevent American soldiers and marines from defending themselves, saying that American leaders (aka President Obama) should “take the shackles off our troops; they have a right to defend themselves.” Only problem with Bruder Beck’s suggestion is, well, current ROE states “that no one is ever denied the right to self-defense.”

Fox and Friends talking head Steve Doocy asked the Beckster what he wants GEN Petraeus to say, “You know, I’m going to start pulling things out in a year?”

Beck replied, “First of all — first of all, if our troops feel they’re in danger, shoot to kill. Take the shackles off our troops; they have a right to defend themselves. Enough with this little medal where — you know, it’s very interesting to me that the radicals who are now in charge from the 1960s who used to call our troops baby killers and really under George Bush did everything but call them baby killers, he was ‘General Betray-us.’ They give an award now for having restraint. That’s just a nice way of saying here’s a medal for not killing a baby. It’s the same thing. Take the handcuffs off and respect these people.”

Of course, the truth of the matter is that according to current rules, “no one is ever denied the right to self-defense”, in fact, the incoming commander, GEN David Petraeus, in a 17 Mar 10 congressional hearing (accessed via Nexis), testified that the directive emphasizing the protection of civilian lives “says that no one is ever denied the right to self-defense, nor will we ever hesitate, if someone is pinned down by fire, in responding to ensure that those troopers never feel as if they’re fighting with their hands tied behind their back.”

And in declassified portions of a revised “Tactical Directive” to the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan issued in July 2009, outgoing commander, GEN Stanley McChrystal wrote: “This directive does not prevent commanders from protecting the lives of their men and women as a matter of self-defense where it is determined no other options (specific options deleted due to operational safety) are available to effectively counter the threat.” McChrystal also wrote: “I recognize that the carefully controlled and disciplined employment of force entails risks to our troops — and we must work to mitigate that risk wherever possible. But excessive use of force resulting in an alienated population will produce far greater risks.”

At the stroke of midnight, Wednesday was just another day of making stuff up for Beck; and just another day of spreading falsehoods and half truths for Fox News.

(thanks again to our friends at Media Matters)

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