PVT Holmes Sentenced for Murder of Afghan Civilian Teen

23 Sep

According to Reuters, the youngest of five U.S. soldiers accused of murdering  unarmed Afghan civilians in cold blood has been sentenced to seven years in prison for gunning down a teenage boy whose corpse he posed with as if it were a trophy.

Andrew Holmes, who pled guilty to a single count of murder — reduced in a deal with prosecutors from the more serious charge of premeditated murder — admitted he made a “bad decision” when he shot the young villager at close range.

You made a bad decision Private? No, you committed cold blooded murder, and then posed with the body of your victim as though he were a deer you’d shot. You’ve done irreparable damage to your country’s image throughout the world and disgraced your uniform. You’re a punk and a thug.

Holmes still insists he had no prior intent to kill the boy but exercised poor judgment when he obeyed an order from a higher-ranking soldier in his unit to shoot the youth.

You got that right Private; what part of you don’t obey an unlawful order did you not understand? Shooting unarmed civilians is about as unlawful as it gets.

Reuters reported that the “higher-ranking soldier” is Specialist Jeremy Morlock, who was sentenced in March to 24 years in prison after pleading guilty to three counts of premeditated murder, including the January 2010 slaying of 15-year-old Gul Mudin near an Afghan village.

Morlock testified that after he tossed a hand grenade over a wall near Mudin to simulate an attack, he ordered Holmes to open fire.

In pictures taken after the murders, both Holmes and Morlock appeared in separate photos showing them crouched over the bloodied corpse of their victim, holding the boy’s head up for the camera by his hair.

Holmes also pled guilty to possessing a finger bone taken from the boy’s body.

These soldiers committed murder, took pictures standing over their victims, and took part of his finger as a trophy? These soldiers committed war crimes, and they are the monsters conservative bloggers and talk radio are proclaiming to be heroes who are being wrongfully prosecuted by the evil Obama administration.Under the UCMJ the maximum penalty for committing premeditated murder is death, and yet these animals get off with a mere prison sentence. Please spare me any outrage on how these so-called heroes have been treated.

Afghan families grieve just as American families do; Afghan mothers ache for the chance to hold a son one last time just as American mothers do; Afghan fathers weep for the promise snatched away of seeing a son achieve manhood just as American fathers do.

These murders are a result of demonizing people because of their religion, or their country, or their ethnicity. This is the result of nearly a decade of fear mongering and hate spewed daily on conservative talk radio and FOX PAC, dehumanizing part of the world’s population to the point that American soldiers torture prisoners and murder civilians. This is Bush and Cheney’s legacy; this is the America they created.


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2 responses to “PVT Holmes Sentenced for Murder of Afghan Civilian Teen

  1. Phil Bundy

    September 23, 2011 at 23:38

    Maybe Hannity will start calling them “enhanced casualties” …

  2. Phil Bundy

    September 23, 2011 at 23:38

    The boy Holmes murdered is the same age as my daughter – a sophomore in high school – a teenager … please conservatives step up and defend this …


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