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Completely Scientific Poll – or at least as scientific as any Rasmussen Poll

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Latest 2012 Presidential Polls

Here’s the latest information on this week’s polling on the 2012 Presidential election.

First let’s look at who would be the Republican/Tea Party (GOTP) nominee if it all ended today:

Romney  19; Palin 15; Giuliani 12; Paul 8; Cain 8; Gingrich 7; Pawlenty 5; Bachmann 5; Perry 4; Santorum 2; Huntsman 2

Very encouraging for the GOTP; you have Flopsy Mopsy in the lead followed by the Ice Queen (who has not announced she’s running) and the former womanizing mayor of New York pulling a close third, and no one else is even close.

And how do they stack up against President Obama? Well, if the election was held today:

President Obama 48/Romney 41

President Obama 50/Pawlenty 32

President Obama 56/Palin 35

President Obama 53/Cain 34

President Obama 53/Bachmann 33

President Obama 53/Gingrich 34

President Obama 54/Paul 36

President Obama 52/Huntsman 34

So, only Flopsy Mopsy comes within single digits and just barely, down by seven points. Of course polling this early doesn’t really mean a whole lot, but for political junkies this is good stuff. Right now, all things considered, the President is sitting pretty.

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Any Republican running against Obama can beat him?

So, Sean Hannity said yesterday (19 May 11) on his radio show, that “any of the Republicans” running, or thinking about running, against Obama can beat him … spit take – clean off computer keyboard and screen. Look, I know Hannity has a “special” audience dynamic to play to, but really? How about some kind of “real” analysis Sean?

There is not a single GOP candidate who has said they’re running or who might run – today – who has a snow ball’s chance.

Romney and Huntsman will never win the nomination because the far-right “God fearing Christian” side of the GOTP will never nominate a Mormon.

Newt is a joke and has zero chance.

Santorum and Pawlenty are not electable … especially after Santorum’s claim that John McCain doesn’t understand “enhanced interrogation”. It’s slips like that which show how unready some of these people are for the big leagues.

Would love to see Palin or Bachmann jump into the race just because it would make it very “interesting” – both would be adored by the same far-right groups opposed to Romney and Huntsman – but please, these two are the best and the brightest women in the Republican party? Palin can’t name a single Supreme Court case she disagrees with, and Bachmann thinks humans and dinosaurs coexisted together? Neither is remotely electable.

Whoever runs for the GOTP in 2012 is little more than a sacrificial lamb – which is why Huckabee dropped out, and shows he’s a lot smarter than I ever gave him credit …

The latest polling numbers against GOTP contenders shows the President ahead by double digits against everyone one of the GOTP contenders:

Obama 52 Romney 40

Obama 53 Gingrich 35

Obama 52 Pawlenty 38

Obama 51 Daniels 33

Obama 54 Palin 35

Obama 54 Bachmann 33

Obama 51 Huntsman 31

Even in polling by Rasmussen, none of the current crop even comes close, and when Ron Paul is running around talking about legalizing heroin and prostitution, yeah he’ll play well in Peoria …

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