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Latest Approval Polls – 10 October 2013 Edition

Latest polling numbers on the Government Shutdown indicate the American people still are not buying what the Republican Tea Party (GOTP) is trying to sell…

Government Shutdown 2013

Congressional Job Approval:

The Economist/YouGov Poll       (10/5 – 10/7) Approve 10; Disapprove 76; Spread -66

Associated Press/GfK Poll         (10/3 – 10/7) Approve 5; Disapprove 83;  Spread -78

Gallup Poll                                (10/3 – 10/6) Approve 11; Disapprove 85; Spread -74

President Obama’s Job Approval:

The Economist/YouGov Poll       (10/5 – 10/7) Approve 48; Disapprove 48; Spread 0

Associated Press/GfK Poll         (10/3 – 10/7) Approve 37; Disapprove 53; Spread -16

Gallup Poll                                (10/6 – 10/8) Approve 44; Disapprove 51; Spread -7

Rasmussen Poll                        (10/6 – 10/8) Approve 50; Disapprove 49; Spread +1

Interestingly enough Rasmussen (a decidedly right leaning poll) appears to have never polled on Congressional Job Approval numbers, at least not anytime in recent polling memory; funny how the “go to” poll for right-wing pundits has the President in positive numbers.

Please, keep the government shut down for as long as like Senator Cruz, and by all means continue to be obstinate Speaker Boehner; the latest polling numbers in individual Congressional Districts shows the GOTP losing at least 17 seats in 2014, and the control of the House. By all means continue…

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Paul Broun’s ‘unqualified to make decisions about science, space, and technology’?

According to news reports, Republican Tea Party (GOTP) Congressman Paul C. Broun’s a certifiable moron.

Reportedly in videotaped remarks made before a church group (evidently the Church of the Blessed Lunatics), the so-called “Congressman” and “Doctor” said all he’d been taught about evolution and embryology and the Big Bang theory “all lies straight from the pit of Hell,” adding that the lies were intended to “keep me and all the folks who were taught that from understanding that they need a savior.”

While there were a few “amen’s” in his audience, well known TV science guy, Bill Nye was not impressed with the “Congressman’s” views, especially since Broun’s the chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology.

“Since the economic future of the United States depends on our tradition of technological innovation, Representative Broun’s views are not in the national interest,” Nye told The Huffington Post in an email. “For example, the Earth is simply not 9,000 years old,” he continued, contradicting a remark made by Broun later in the video. “He is, by any measure, unqualified to make decisions about science, space, and technology.”

That’s right, this esteemed member of Congress, a medical doctor no less, claims the earth’s only 9,000 years old – I’m sorry but anyone who believes that nonsense is a dolt, and since Broun’s proclaiming it, he’s clearly the king of the dolts, and as Nye says, has no business serving on the committee overlooking decisions on funding science and technology. Maybe he should be serving on the Committee on Idiocy, Moronic Views and Harebrained Opinions? And yet, this is the face of today’s Republican Tea Party – enjoy.


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Zero tolerance – we’ll see

Well, well, well Republican Tea Party (GOTP) puppet Eric Cantor has an opportunity to prove that he’s a real boy, and that he means what he says; when the GOTP took over the House in 2010 Cantor pledged a “zero tolerance policy” on ethics issues, “I think that as Republicans emerge as a new governing majority, it is incumbent upon us to institute a zero-tolerance policy — that we understand there are reasons for our being fired in ’06 and ’08 […] We cannot tolerate any ethics violations or behavior in terms of compromising the ethics that the people expect us to have as their representatives.”  [YouTube, uploaded 8/10/10]

Cantor is now faced with the news that the National Republican Tea Party Congressional Committee Finance Chairman, Congressman Vern Buchanan (FL-13), is under federal investigation by the Department of Justice for an “extensive and ongoing” campaign finance scheme to reimburse employees who contributed to his campaign. “Will House Republican leaders including Leader Cantor and Chairman Sessions stand idly by while Congressman Vern Buchanan – the chief fundraiser to preserve their majority – is under investigation by the Department of Justice for campaign finance schemes?” asked Jesse Ferguson of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “This is just the latest test of Republican’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy – will they live by their own rules?”

Will they indeed, or is Cantor just another empty suit dancing to the fiddle of the uber-conservative Tea Party? And here’s the kicker, NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions appointed Buchanan as his NRCC Finance Vice Chair. The GOTP NRCC Chairman has appointed this scalawag as the vice chair of finance! It can’t get much better than that.

“Rep. Vern Buchanan is under investigation by the Justice Department for allegations that he asked a former business associate to reimburse employees who made donations to his campaign account, a local paper reported. The Bradenton Herald, which is based in the Republican’s western Florida district, first reported that the DOJ was investigating whether Buchanan, a former car dealership owner, asked his associate, Sam Kazran, to encourage employees to make straw donations to the lawmaker.” [POLITICO, 10/18/11]

It appears that while he was a car salesman – no really, he sold cars before he became a crooked Congressman? – he misused campaign funds (wow, a member of the GOTP misusing campaign funds. Isn’t that just the standard operating procedure in the House?) and his former business is under the axe,  “A federal court is imposing a $67,900 fine on a car dealership once owned by Rep. Vern Buchanan, R-Sarasota, for what the Federal Election Commission calls an ‘extensive and ongoing scheme’ to funnel ‘secret, illegal contributions’ to Buchanan’s 2006 and 2008 campaigns.” [Florida Independent, 6/1/11]

$67,900 bucks! That ain’t chump change; we’re talking a major violation, which needs to be addressed. C’mon Cantor, you ran your mouth off all the time you were in the minority, now here’s your chance to prove you have some; or maybe you don’t. Buchanan is another corrupt GOTP Congressman, he should step down – after all, misusing tens of thousands of dollars is far worse than sending pics of yourself to people.

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