Trump produced an unofficial birth certificate?

29 Mar

Sometimes all the tumblers really do fall into place and the result is a divine comedy. Yesterday, real estate magnate, and aspiring GOTP Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump thought he was poking President Barack Obama in the eye by releasing a copy of his own birth certificate. By doing so, “The Donald” had hoped to show how he could easily obtain, and show proof, of his natural-born citizenship, insinuating of course that the President had failed to do so, at least according to Trump, FOX PAC and those in the Tea Party’s “birther” movement.

But upon closer examination, what do our wandering eyes behold? Not Trump’s “official” birth certificate at all, but one “easily obtained” from the Jamaica Queens hospital where the wee Trumper was birthed. Yes, the birth certificate released to the conservative news site Newsmax – in an effort to harass President Obama – was issued only by a hospital; unfortunately for Trump, “official” birth certificates for New York City are however only issued by the city Department of Health.

As the old German proverb says, “A donkey can wear a lion suit but its ear will still stick out and give it away,” and so as Trump tried to embarrass the President of the United States he has simply come off looking exactly like the self absorbed, pompous, strutting, arrogant little jackass he is. He may be wearing a “lion suit”, trying to court favor with potential right-wing nut jobs, but clearly “his ear is sticking out”.


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