Giffords ‘makes me want to vomit’?

10 Jan

MSNBC is reporting that a former Marine whose wife of 54 years was killed last year in the Tucson shootings that left six dead and 13 injured, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, has strong feelings about the Arizona lawmaker and her retired astronaut husband, Mark Kelly.

“Every time I see them on TV,” George Morris told the Arizona Republic, “it makes me want to vomit.”

He said he and his wife had gone to Giffords’ town-hall meeting outside the grocery store in Tucson on 8 Jan 11, to complain to his congresswoman, who he says kept voting for liberal causes (go figure a Democrat voting for Liberal causes); but before he had a chance to whine, a gunman began shooting people in the crowd. Morris’ wife, Dorothy, 76, was killed in the rampage, and he was hit in the legs and back. Giffords was shot in the head.

Reportedly, in the days following the shooting, Morris, a self-described “ultraconservative,” refused an invitation to have President Barack Obama visit him in his hospital room, according to the Arizona Republic.

“I will not kowtow to anyone,” he told the newspaper. “People would not believe that I would refuse the president.”

No, I believe it, Morris was an angry white whiny conservative before the shootings and he continues to be an angry white whiny conservative; big surprise. As a Marine (because in truth there are no former Marines) he should’ve been honored to have the President – his Commander in Chief – visit him in the hospital, it’s called respect and clearly Morris never learned that while he was in uniform; you respect the office, not the man, and Morris’ attitude speaks volumes about the kind of Marine he probably was, and the man he is today. Don’t care whatever he did as a Marine, his current words and attitude drowns it all out. I’ve little doubt as a self-described “ultraconservative” he undoubtedly supported then, and continues to support now the extremely “liberal” gun laws of Arizona which allowed a lunatic to buy weapons, clips and ammo he shouldn’t have been able to get and to ultimately murder his wife and five others.

Morris, who had campaigned on behalf of Giffords’ opponent in the 2010 election, said he didn’t think Giffords should be in office then or now.

“I think she ought to be thrown out of Congress posthaste,” Morris told the Arizona Republic. “I do not think she is worthy of serving.”

He also said Giffords’ husband should’ve had better security in place to protect his wife, knowing she was a target of death threats, and reportedly blames the former astronaut for his wife’s death.

“I’d like to debate our dear captain astronaut (and ask) why he didn’t have security,” Morris told the Arizona Republic. “My wife would still be alive.”

Well, maybe she’d still be alive, but since the gunman was a crazed individual does Morris really think he wouldn’t have attacked as he did, or that somehow his wife wouldn’t have been shot anyway? Of course, then he’d probably argue there should’ve been more security; but exactly why would an officer in the United States Air Force have been responsible for providing security for his Congresswoman wife? If Morris had shown up and there’d been armed guards no doubt he’d have screamed about the Congresswoman being afraid to meet her constituents and called her a coward, or that she’d had her jackbooted thugs there to frighten people.  Morris is a jackass and he’s a disgrace to the Marine Corps. No one’s responsible for his wife’s’ death except for the gunman, and perhaps the pervasive ever-escalating violent rhetoric from the right leading up to the attack.

I’m deeply sorry for his loss, but he’s still an angry white whiney conservative jackass (which means a donkey – for conservatives reading this post).

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One response to “Giffords ‘makes me want to vomit’?

  1. Phil Bundy

    January 10, 2012 at 19:19

    I can’t abide hateful, angry people and Morris is a hateful, angry person …


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