John McCain says choosing Sarah Palin was the best decision he ever made?

10 Jan

Huffington Post is reporting 2008 Republican Presidential candidate John McCain says he has no regrets about the biggest and most controversial decision. Speaking to the Leprechaun Sean Hannity in New Hampshire, McCain said naming Sarah Palin his running mate was “still the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Makes you seriously wonder what his second best decision was, which high fiber cereal to eat in the morning?

McCain was on Hannity’s show to promote his 2008 rival, Mitt Romney, whose Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential candidacy he endorsed last week, after Romney allegedly won the Iowa caucus by eight votes.

But seriously, choosing the Ice Queen was his best decision ever? This clearly sells it, McCain’s Brain Captain’s dead at the controls and he’s running on auto pilot; the choice of Palin was an unmitigated political disaster. She was in no way even remotely qualified to be running for the vice presidency and his decision to choose her seriously threw into doubt his own mental stability to be president.

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