Secret Service Probe Photo of Shot-Up Obama Shirt

27 Jan

According to NBC News, the Secret Service has launched an investigation into – of all places Peoria, Arizona to be precise, Police SGT Pat Shearer, a highly decorated officer, uploaded a picture on his Facebook page showing seven young men holding up a shirt with President Barack Obama’s face on it riddled with bullet holes.

The photo was uploaded to Facebook on 20 Jan 12 complete with the caption, “Another trip to the ranch,” and  was quickly removed, after the Secret Service showed up and started asking about it.

“We’re aware of it, and we’re conducting the appropriate follow-up steps,” Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan told The New York Times.

The Peoria Police Department has also mounted its own internal probe into the photo.

“We have a social media policy that addresses employee conduct with respect of the use of social media,” Jay Davies, a spokesman for the department, told Arizona CBS affiliate KPHO.

He reportedly said Shearer would remain on duty while the investigation is carried out to determine whether his actions violate the department’s social media policy.

Shearer – not surprisingly – is saying the imagery of the picture is being taken out of context.

“I don’t think that the shooting of that t-shirt is that big of a deal. … I think it was more of a political statement,” Shearer told Arizona’s ABC15. “Obviously, it’s not like they were going to go out and shoot the president, no.”

Exactly what kind of “political statement” does SGT Shearer think he’s making? He has a group of what appears to be white teens, holding automatic weapons and pistols, with a t-shirt bearing the first Black President’s image shot full of bullets holes; just some good old white boys out shooting? The only possible “political statement” to be construed here is that you want the President assassinated; because, I’m sorry, but this isn’t something anyone – especially a police officer – jokes about.

On top of that, considering this is Arizona – the same state where they just lost one of their members of Congress (Gabbi Giffords) due to injuries sustained in an assassination attempt which left six dad and more than a dozen wounded – this is a very BIG deal. There’s a huge question here about Shearer’s judgment, and that should be a concern for the community he serves; but wait, what am I thinking? This is the home state of Sherriff Joe, and the OK Corral.

The Secret Service should investigate, and Shearer should resign or be fired. This is a big deal; it isn’t harmless fun. I think it’s safe to guess which political party Shearer and his teen minions are members of, Tea anyone?


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5 responses to “Secret Service Probe Photo of Shot-Up Obama Shirt

  1. Steve Smith

    January 28, 2012 at 12:27

    You don’t have a clue what your talking about I grew up with Sgt shearer this man would and has put he’s life on the link to save others and you can bet he would give he’s life to save the president you need to grow up and get a clue.

  2. Phil Bundy

    January 28, 2012 at 13:21

    Then he has incredibly bad judgement when it comes to making “political statements”; a bunch of white teens surrounding a shot out t-shirt bearing the first black president’s face is one stupid way of making a statement.

    • Steve Smith

      January 28, 2012 at 19:41

      It has nothing to do with color you all are making this look like that what happened to are rights as Americans you all just need to get a life or better yet become a cop and put your life on the line every. Time you go to all these cop’s getting shot and killed from snipers hiding just for doing there job

  3. Phil Bundy

    January 28, 2012 at 20:19

    White teens + assault rifles + t-shirt shot full of holes with President’s picture = really stupid move + uploading the picture to facebook = incredibly stupid thing to do

    I’ve served my country in uniform for more than 22 years friend so don’t preach to me about sacrifice; SGT Shearer screwed up, and screwed up good.

    Just some good old fun shooting at the president’s picture; yes sir, just some good old fun.

  4. joedupont

    February 1, 2012 at 23:30

    Obviously Peoria,Az. Police Sgt. Pat Shearer was using bad judgment in posting a dumb photo which would beg questions from the Secret Service. But however dumb it was for Pat to post such a picture, for his friend to see ,it was far less egregious than the media blasting it around the country and the world so that every disgruntled skin head , Taliban or Al Qaeda could savor it. Some of the media tried to tie in Gov. Jan Brewer’s finger waving in Obama’s face , into the T-shirt story !
    I wish the media would have spent as much time chastising then Sen. Hillary Clinton for tipping off our enemies as to what the real easy targets were around NYC!


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