President Obama to Start the Draft?

08 Apr

There is an ongoing rumor floating around that President Obama was going to restart the draft. Where did this rumor start? I’ll give you one guess.

If you said Rush; you win!

It was just after last fall’s election that El Rushbo started this rumor flying. Just one more attempt by the ex-post-facto leader of the GOP to spread fear and panic amongst his listeners.

Rush said, “For those of you just tuning in, let me give you the story again.  Barack Obama says he’s gonna create three million new jobs, 80% in the private sector, which means 20% will be government jobs.  That’s 600,000 government jobs.  Where is he going to be able to do that real quick?

“Where could you do this in a matter of months?  I said you could reinstitute the draft.  And why not institute the draft if you’re Obama, who is a Democrat. Democrats believe that people who live in the South and in poor economic circumstances have no way out of those circumstances other than join the military.  Don’t you remember?  People who join the military are not patriots; they’re stupid, they’re uneducated, they’re economically depressed, they live in these little hick town shacks like Obama’s brother, and they have no chance to get out other than join the military.  And that’s why they do it, not to protect their country.  These people are besmirched and impugned by Democrats in the Drive-By Media, and I was simply saying since that’s what they already think of them, why not institute the draft and spare them the trouble of having to sign up?”

Yep, Rush claims the President is going to reinstitute the draft for the purpose of creating 600,000 jobs in the government. Once again Rush must have been talking with the part of his brain that’s tied behind his back. You know, the part loosing oxygen. That’s how ludicrous this sounds. So, if the President is going to reinstitute the draft, why pull out of Iraq? Why begin cutting military spending? You need to give that tied up part of your brain a little more air Rush.

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