They’re going to have access to our bank accounts?

27 Aug

Today, Thursday, 27 Aug 09, Rush Limbaugh told a listener that President Obama’s Administration was going to order the IRS to make banks across the country turn over your bank account numbers to that agency. Rush? How much Oxycontin are you taking each day? More importantly, how much Oxycontin are your listeners taking each day?


Limbaugh said, “If this bill passes they’re going to have access to your bank account. They’re going to have digital, on-line access to your bank account.

“There are hideous things in the legislation.

“They’ll order every bank to turn over every account number to the IRS and they’re going to be able to go in, and if you don’t pay they’re going to debit your account for you.”

Yeah OK. Whatever.

Nowhere in the Health Care legislation does it give authority to anyone to have access to anyone’s bank accounts. This is a bald faced lie, pure and simple.

Limbaugh, the self-proclaimed “truth meter” wouldn’t know a real truthful fact if it walked up and slapped the cigar right out of his face.

Sadly our country lost a true American yesterday when Senator Edward Kennedy passed away, and even more sad, we’re still stuck with the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck.

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