Message to Conservative America:

04 Jul

You’re not the only ones who love America. You’re not the only ones who have sacrificed, or who are willing to sacrifice for its continued freedoms and liberties. The Founding Fathers, unlike today’s GOP leadership, were able to put aside their varied political interests and worked together to form this Union of States, and contrary to right wing radio, most weren’t conservatives.

I’ve had it with hearing how only conservatives love America and how Progressives, or Liberals, hate it. Take a breath and think about that. If you do, and if you really think about it you’ll see how stupid that sounds. It’s as stupid as Liberals claiming that Conservatives hate the environment. Oh, and please don’t embarrass yourselves any further by claiming you love America when you can’t stand Americans.

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Posted by on July 4, 2010 in Patriotic, Politics


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