Political Ranting

30 Sep

Rant #1: Wow, really? In 2010 we are still having GOP candidates promising to make abortion completely unavailable to women, no matter what?

If you’re raped and become pregnant, too bad, you will carry the baby!

If you’re pregnant and might die if you carry the baby to term, too bad, you will carry the baby!

Yo, religious right, Christian Taliban Candidates, wake up! This is not something that the government should decide. Abortion is a viable option under certain circumstances, and each woman should have the right to make those hard choices. Not Ken Buck or Sharron Engle, and definitely not Sarah Palin.

Rant #2: Our country has real problems, and what are GOP candidates focusing on? Gays in the military, abortion, and tax cuts for the wealthy, all while voting against bills to increase pay and allowances to troops, whom they claim to honor and support.

Personally, I don’t care if the troop next to me is gay. I’m tired of guys like Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Riley etc making this an issue. By-the-way, none of these so-called “great Americans” could ever take the time to serve, even though they “claim to love America”.

Abortion is established federal law. Get over it already. While I personally think its use as birth control is inexcusable in 21st century America – it is a viable choice for many other reasons. Maybe the GOP should spend more time vetting its so-called “family values” candidates and spend less time worrying about gays serving in the military and women having abortions.

Rant #3: Enough with all the “birther” crap. He was born in the United States. Read a frickin map and you’ll see that Hawaii is one of our states. Has been since, oh I don’t know, 1959?

He is a Christian, and so what if he was a Muslim! THERE IS NO RELIGIOUS STANDARD FOR HOLDING OFFICE HERE! This is the United States, a Republic, not some far right wing Judeo-Christian Theocratic Talibanistic Never-Land!

Rant #4: He has not been spitting on the Constitution! He is not a communist! He is not deliberately destroying our country! Would you stop, take a breath, and try – as hard as it may be – to think about what the heck you’re saying? Oh wait, I guess thinking has been taken out of the political landscape ever since Rush, Hannity, et al came along.

Rant #5: Stop claiming you’re going to “take the country back”. News Flash! It hasn’t gone anywhere! Your candidate got his butt kicked. Get over it! If one party, either one, controlled the government all the time, we’d be in a dictatorship quicker than you could say, “put the kettle on.”

Stop saying you’re going to employ your Second Amendment rights to fix things. You may think you’re being cleaver, but if you continue to talk like this, people are going to get hurt, and people are going die. Talking of rebelling against a freely elected government is not patriotic. It’s ignorant.

Because you go out “shootin” with your buds, and dress in fatigues playing” militia does not in any way, shape or fashion make you anywhere near an equal for the United States Military.

Stop using phrases like, “time to reload”, and “put them in our sights” or “in the breach”. That is talk that is dangerous and irresponsible and beneath contempt as Americans.

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