Some People Are Just Born to Be Slaves?

08 Oct

Today (8 Oct 10) I heard Rush say, and I’m not making this up, “Some people are just born to be slaves.”

I would love to be able to ask, “And who would that be Mr. Limbaugh?”

And Rush, would huff and puff for a minute, maybe smack his lips a little, and probably say something like, “Well, you know … like the Jews and the Blacks.”

I mean, what other groups could Rush be referring to? Maybe the illegal aliens working for Meg Whitman and Lou Dobbs?

Today Rush also said, “We ( meaning men) should acknowledge the “role of attractive women to bring us beer and wear sexy clothes while we watch” the NFL.

Seriously? Republican women listen to this and think it’s OK? This is talk straight out of, oh I don’t know? Straight out of some small town in the middle of Missouri? This isn’t comedy folks. This isn’t some act Rush puts on. He is a small town southern  racist and sexist.

Rush further claimed,  “I don’t know of any Republican attacks” on President Obama.

Again, seriously?

My only conclusion is Rush needs his Oxycontin induced ocular implants checked.

He – Limbaugh – regularly – as in daily – attacks the President. Hannity does it daily. Boehner does it constantly. Palin does it every time she opens her mouth. Newt, McCain, shall I go on? Rush is a liar, and unfortunately there are great groups of uneducated, unwashed masses of Tea Party far right conservatives who hang on his every word. But, fortunately, they account for a far smaller sampling of the GOP than Limbaugh will ever admit. Let’s see, on a good day, 12 million listeners out of roughly 55 million Republicans = 21%.  Less than 1/4.


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2 responses to “Some People Are Just Born to Be Slaves?

  1. blake

    November 10, 2011 at 07:15

    well sometimes the person might not knw if hes a slaves by the way the person react with him 🙂


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