Violent Revolution is on the Table?

23 Oct

If Tea Party members don’t want to be blamed for the speech, views or actions of the few, than those of us who do not support the Tea Party movement need to hear you denouncing those lunatic few in newspapers, on TV, on radio talk shows etc. If you’re going to insist – with FOX News – that all terrorists are Muslim, than by the same logic, we get to insist that all political  lunatics are Tea Party members.

The Tea Party is being branded as a bunch of nut jobs threatening the very Constitution it claims to love. Political descent as an American is one thing, threatening opened rebellion if you don’t get what you want is another. And unfortunately, Pastor Broden’s is not just one extremist view, we’ve all seen the signs at rallies, and heard Sharon Angle, Sarah Palin, Christine O’Donnell and many other “Tea Party” nominees make similar statements. We’ve seen the gun toting Tea party members at rallies, and watched as a Tea Party nominated candidate for the United States  Senate had his private security force arrest a journalist for asking questions he didn’t like. These are signs of a group threatening to rebel, and wanting to overthrow the very fabric of our Republic, and it is troubling.

When the movement uses slogans like “We’re going to take our country back” coupled with images of people carrying automatic weapons, and its candidates saying that “Violent revolution is on the table” than large numbers of people who are associated with the Tea Party, but who disagree with the rhetoric, need to speak out; otherwise you may find yourselves being found guilty by association. After all, members of your group have been saying the President is guilty by association to all kinds of people and causes, so Tea Party members may find the same to be true. What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.

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Posted by on October 23, 2010 in Lunatics, Politics, Tea Party


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