Ho, ho, ho … GOP Blocking Unemployment Insurance?

02 Dec

And to start this holiday season off right the GOP is blocking continuance of unemployment insurance! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Get a job! (cue GOP favorite Christmas jingle, Bruce Hornsby’s “The Way it Is”) I always suspected Mr. Potter, Scrooge and Marley belonged to that caucus.

I can hear my conservative friends now, “But, you know the deficit is way too high and the national debt is staggering”

And that my friends, is why Boehner and company are holding out to raise both by another $800 Billion to continue a tax break for the top 2% of Americans?


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2 responses to “Ho, ho, ho … GOP Blocking Unemployment Insurance?

  1. nonresume

    December 2, 2010 at 19:14

    I read these types of comments, and please do not misunderstand me I enjoyed yours, but I’m left wondering – what is going to happen to the USA? Our jobs are being shipped overseas, our purchasing dollar is buying products produced in other countries, and America is out of work. Are we facing the next big Depression – out of the (according to some) non-existent recession? Do we need to worry about Homeland Security? Who will want this country at the rate it is sliding down the proverbial crapper? I love America, but have serious concerns. No explanations or in-depth understanding….just concerns.

  2. datGurl!

    December 3, 2010 at 01:48

    better question: what will happen to these 2 mil.+ who will lose their benefits in the coming week? where will they go? The Rethuglicans and Boner do not care! All they want is the credit to line their pockets. Am I the only one this is painfully clear to?

    Interesting comment on my blog today:

    situation #9
    December 2, 2010 at 7:17 pm
    How’s this for bullshit:
    Rep. Earl Blumenauer: “I find it especially shameful that we are threatening to leave these families out in the cold at the same time that some members of Congress want us to spend $700 billion we don’t have on tax cuts for millionaires who don’t need them.”
    Well said dude, well said. I wonder is anyone listening…

    On Wednesday, every Senate Republican signed a letter pledging to filibuster any piece of legislation — including unemployment benefits — until the Senate approves a massive spending package to keep the government running into next year and to extend all tax breaks set to expire Dec. 31. Included in that tax package are breaks for people making more than $250,000.

    Republican leaders have threatened to simply let the tax cuts expire if the Democrats don’t cut a deal Republicans can agree with. Then the GOP would come back in January, when they control the House and are in a much stronger position in the Senate, and bring all of the tax cuts back retroactively.”
    This is gang-bangin’ taken to a new level! Not only are they trying to force the presidents hand on the credits for all the rich muthcluckas who dont need anymore money, they are literally saying that if they dont get what they want, damm america. They will get in the end and retro at that. Adding even more money to the deficit they claim to be protecting.
    Is this REALLY happening??? Will they REALLY get away with this??


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