GOP Senators Vote Against Extending Benefits to 9-11 Responders?

14 Dec

Yes Virginia, it’s true. There is a Santa Claus, and the Republican Tea Party (GOTP) knows no bounds when it comes to parading its hypocrisy for all the world to see.

All 47 GOP Senators have voted not to extend benefits for 9-11 First Responders.

SEN Mike Enzi of Wyoming defended his vote by saying, “The nation can’t afford careless spending, no matter how well intentioned,” following that up with, “…it would be irresponsible to give them more.”

Let me get this straight. It is “irresponsible” and “careless spending” to give an additional $7.4 billion to help take care of those who risked their lives to rush to help others trapped in the rubble of 9-11, but it’s OK to extend the Bush tax cuts – adding an additional $700 BILLION to the deficit – to the wealthiest 2% of Americans?

As Daily Show’s Jon Stewart put it, “You know what republicans? You use it so much (9-11 imagery) if you don’t owe the 9/11 responders health care, at least you owe them royalties.”

It’s official, GOP hypocrisy absolutely knows no limits.

The days when any GOP candidate, or office holder, could cash in on how much deeper they understood the heroism, tragedy and repercussions of 9-11 are now over. Do not ever go there again!

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