9/11 Responders’ Aid Package Called Miracle?

23 Dec

Yeah, it’s a Christmas miracle alright.

It’s a miracle the GOP could actually be shamed into doing something it should have gone along with from the start.

But, an even bigger Christmas ‘miracle’, occurred when FOX PAC commentator Shepherd Smith stood up to point out just how wrong the GOP Senate was, asking, “How do they sleep at night?”

Shep Smith Shames Republicans On 9/11 First Responders Bill (VIDEO)

As commendable – and historic – as a FOX PAC commentator demonstrating they’re not all brainless automatons, Smith wasn’t alone (except at FOX PAC) in attacking the soulless Senators of the GOP. While he was putting pressure on the Republicans from within its inner circle, it was Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart who made them all look like the arrogant smucks they really are.

Stewart Spends Last Show Of 2010 ENTIRELY On 9/11 First Responders Bill (VIDEO)

Stewart referred to the GOP Senate members as “the Worst Responders”, sarcastically lauding their success in blocking the 9-11 legislation while passing a continuation of the Bush Tax cuts for everyone, especially the top 2% of Americans.

“Yes!” Stewart exclaimed. “That is astoundingly good news for firefighters who make over $200,000 a year.”

Stewart didn’t just attack the GOP Senate for its opposition however, he also attacked all the news networks, pointing out how none of them – with the exception of Smith’s comments – were airing this story. Well, all except for Al Jazeera.

“Our networks were scooped with a sympathetic Zadroga Bill story by the same network Osama bin Laden sends his mix-tapes to!” a clearly frustrated Stewart said. “This is insane!”

And it was insane! What other word fits to describe the actions of the GOP Senate? For nearly a decade the GOP has made 9-11 it’s personal political rallying cry, waving it around like a bloodied flag. With it’s unconscionable delaying of benefits however, it has forfeited its right to ever evoke that sacred cash cow again. It is one more example of how hypocritical the GOP really is, and voters need to remember this in two years.

Every GOP Senator who opposed this bill needs to be heavily campaigned against in their next election. They need to be sent packing for this one shameful action alone.

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