Rasmussen screws up another poll?

17 Mar

Latest poll numbers for the President show he’s doing a good job, except for one poll; anyone care to guess which polling group shows the exact polar opposite of five other major polling organizations? That’s right; it’s Rasmussen, the pollsters of FOX PAC!

Of polls conducted in the last week on the President’s approval:

Bloomberg = 51 approve – 43 disapprove

ABC/Washington Post = 51 approve – 45 disapprove

CNN = 50 approve – 47 disapprove

Gallup = 48 approve – 44 disapprove

Rasmussen = 42 approve – 56 disapprove

Come on guys, really? You’re going to be this transparent?

Of course, Rasmussen almost always polls significantly to the right of center. This means you can’t ever really trust Rasmussen’s polling numbers. And since Rasmussen is the exclusive poll of choice for FOX PAC, and FOX-type personalities, Rush, Hannity, O’Reilly et al, this means those viewers – or listeners – are being fed daily exactly the numbers they always want to hear; and it also means Rasmussen is never going to conduct legitimate polling because it’s never going to shoot the goose laying the golden eggs.

With the exception of the FOX PAC bought and paid for Rasmussen polling, which is so absurdly opposite everyone else numbers it’s laughable, President Obama is in very good shape midway through his first term, much better shape than Ronald Reagan was at the same midterm point when his numbers had fallen to around 40%. President Obama’s positive numbers are currently anywhere from 47% to 52%.

Sorry Rasmussen, sorry Rush, sorry FOX, perhaps you need to look at a broader demographic than polling mainly middle age to elderly, angry, white, male FOX PAC viewers.


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