Mitch Drops Daniels Out?

22 May

Republican Tea Party (GOTP) Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels has decided he won’t be seeking the party’s 2012 nomination for president. And like the stand up kind of guy he is, he decided to inform his supporters in an email sent to the Indianapolis Star saying he is caught between conflicting duties: family and country.

“The answer is that I will not be a candidate. What could have been a complicated decision was in the end very simple: on matters affecting us all, our family constitution gives a veto to the women’s caucus, and there is no override provision,” he said.

In a companion note to supporters, he added that he is “deeply concerned, for the first time in my life, about the future of our Republic” but that his family was the most important factor in his deciding he wouldn’t run.

Yes, like so many other far right conservatives (courting the Tea Party faction) Daniel’s is “for the first time” in his life “deeply concerned … about the future of our Republic.” Funny thing this new found concern; funny because it’s only now he’s concerned, but he was never concerned during his tenure in the Bush Administration when he was intimately involved in making decisions to send the country into an unnecessary and illegal war in Iraq, and to destroy the economy by giving tax cuts instead of raising taxes to pay for his bosses misadventures.

“In the end, I was able to resolve every competing consideration but one,” Daniels wrote. “The interests and wishes of my family is the most important consideration of all. If I have disappointed you, I will always be sorry.”

Yeah, yeah, it’s always amazing how these guys use family as the excuse not to run. I’m sure that’s a serious portion, but maybe he just decided he didn’t want to get his butt kicked not by President Obama, but by his own party. In polling for the GOTP nomination he has consistently come in way, way, way, way back in the pack, garnering only 3.3% of the vote, and falling behind every far-right wing nut the party has to offer including Palin (10.6%), Paul (7.3%) and Bachmann (4.3%) ; and he even falls in behind Newt (7.7%). The only so-called contender with worse numbers than Daniels is Santorum who polls in at 2.0%. So, please Governor, how about a little honesty here, you decided not to run, because your wife told you not to be a moron and run when no one in the party wants you.

Daniels becomes the latest in no doubt what will become a long line of Republicans opting not to run as the GOTP struggles to find someone to challenge President Obama in 2012.

You’ll remember the first to go was when Boss Haley Barbour decided not to run way back in April, and of course the word on the proverbial street was he had privately been encouraging Daniels to run instead.

Then, just last week, FOX PAC employee and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who had won the 2008 Iowa caucus, said God had told him not to run.

And then there was Donald Trump who had made headlines pressuring the President to prove he was a citizen, who dropped out of the race when four things happened. First, the President provided his “long form” birth certificate. Second, the President made Trump look like the jackass he is at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. Third, the President sent in the Navy Seals to kill Bin Laden. And fourth, NBC announced it was going to go with Celebrity Apprentice for one more season.

Of course when it comes down to it Daniels never had a chance. You see, he’s the former Office of Management and Budget director under President George W. Bush. Yes, he’s the guy responsible for driving the economy off of the cliff. How could he possibly have run? Every GOTP contender would have chopped him to bits over the state of the economy. It was never going to happen.

Then there was the issue of his family. It’s tough to run as the “family values” party’s nominee when you have such an unusual marital history, not to mention his record as governor.

In 1993, his wife Cheri filed for divorce and moved to California to remarry, leaving him to raise their four daughters in Indiana. She later divorced the guy she divorced Daniels over, and she and Mitch reconciled and remarried in 1997. Far right-wing types tend to frown on revolving door marriages. And it doesn’t look good for the “First Lady” to have been in today’s vernacular, a “Ho”.

One of the more bizarre aspects of his aspirations came as he was “weighing” the possibility of a run while talking about rising budget deficits and national debt — even though his former boss grew the scope of government and federal spending during his tenure, while Mitch was the head of the Office of Management and Budget director under Bush. It des complicate the whole idea of convincing voters that you’re the guy for the country to entrust with fixing the financial crises.

The reality check was simply Mrs. Daniels didn’t want to go under the cosmic microscope running for the White House would have shoved her under and the huge fact her husband simply wasn’t electable. No amount of spin can change the fact he was the guy telling the President of the United States (Bush) what to do economically when the wheels came off. You can’t be so intimately involved in one of the worse Presidencies of the 20th century and think you can escape unscathed. So, now do us all a favor; go back to Indiana, and fade away.

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