House vote caused dip in Market?

11 Jun

Anyone else notice how the precipitous slide in the Stock Market began immediately after the Republican/Tea Party (GOTP) controlled House of Representatives held its sham-wow vote on raising the debt ceiling? It began as soon as that phoney bill went down resoundingly in flames.

To me, this says at least four things; first, not raising the debt ceiling will have monumental consequences for our economy, and in turn the world’s economy, possibly tipping us into the depression we’ve been trying to avoid.

Second, the GOTP just realized this – meaning they didn’t buy all the dire warnings before about what would happen – and now suddenly they’re as scared as everyone else and want to hold some serious discussions on raising the debt ceiling, while making real cuts in spending and not just running with Paul Ryan’s ludicrous plan.

Third, the GOTP knew that by voting not to extend the debt ceiling it would put everything on the verge, and they are demonstrating to the President – and the entire country – how willing they are to take the economy down in order to position themselves for a victory in 2012.

Fourth, it appears the GOTP is either too ignorant to know what the affects will be, or they’re just too reckless to care, and they just want their cuts. They want to force the Ryan plan, and that’s that.

On thinking the GOTP would willfully tank the economy, my father would’ve told me, “You’re giving them too much credit Butch”, and I think he’d be right. I don’t believe the entire GOTP is willing to throw the country off the cliff deliberately, but I do believe they’re willing to play with it, hoping to force the White House to its knees and give in to their demands.

In effect, the Republicans are holding us all hostage, and the President should call the Speaker and his minions to the Oval Office and he should tell them the United States does not negotiate with terrorists; because if Boehner and his thugs are holding the country’s economy hostage in order to force the Ryan plan – or any part thereof –  on everyone, then that’s what they’ve become, economic terrorists.

The GOTP is taking a huge risk, and President Obama should call their bluff. Force them to refuse to raise the debt ceiling, and use his bully pulpit to make sure Americans understand what that will mean, and exactly who destroyed the economy. Make it crystal clear to everyone – well except the 37% of Americans who watch FOX PAC, and who listen to Limbaugh, Hannity, et al, that it was the far-right Tea Party playing conservatives who took us all over the edge. Seven times this same bunch of debt hating, deficit loathing, conservatives voted to raise the debt ceiling under Bush; SEVEN TIMES! But now it’s unholy and immoral to consider it? They’re hypocrites and they need to be thrown out, and thrown out big in 2012. Boehner is destined to be a one term Speaker, and he and his little group of thugs are destined to be foot notes.

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One response to “House vote caused dip in Market?

  1. hemp

    June 11, 2011 at 22:47

    I do wonder what the results would have looked like if the GOP had been running more traditional establishment candidates my guess is that they would have taken both Houses but I guess its one of those that Rummy was jabbering about..But never mind that now the real fun starts. I look forward to seeing the GOP explain to their teabagging overlords why theyre voting to raise the debt ceiling next year after .


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