Romney Jokes to Unemployed About Being Out of Work?

17 Jun

Flopsy Mopsy (aka Mitt Romney), the once presumptive Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential candidate, told a group of out-of-work Floridians that “I’m also unemployed.”

Wow, really? What a totally sensitive thing to say, especially to a group of unemployed people.

Only a thoughtless conservative, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, could say something like this. You know, like poor little unemployed Flopsy Mopsy.

Flopsy was trying to be all homey, visiting with a small group of business owners and unemployed workers criticizing President Obama at a Tampa coffee shop. While attacking the President, millionaire Mopsy told the group that although he was currently “unemployed”, he did have his eye on one particular job.

Florida’s April unemployment rate was 10.8 percent, higher than the national rate of 9 percent. But wait, isn’t Florida being run by a GOTP Governor, and isn’t the State Senate and the House both controlled by the GOTP? So, how can the state’s unemployment rate be higher than the national level?

Chair of the Democratic National Committee, Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, said “This comment shows that Mitt Romney – a man who wants for nothing and whose only occupation for more than four years has been to run for president – is incredibly out of touch with what’s going on in our country and around the dinner tables of those who are out of work,” she said. “Being unemployed, Mr. Romney, is not a joke.”

Perhaps, for Mopsy, this will be his Bush 41 moment. Remember? When the President’s handlers thought it would be great for him to go out shopping, and he didn’t know stores had scanners which could read the prices of the items. It was his rich man out of touch with every day life moment, and it helped lead to his defeat against upstart Bill Clinton.

Flopsy is trying to be a just another Joe, but being a millionaire, and joking about unemployment doesn’t ring true. It’s like everything else about him; nothing ever seems to ring true where Mitt is concerned.

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