Latest 2012 Presidential Polls (2 Jul 11 edition)

02 Jul

Here’s the latest information on this week’s polling on the 2012 Presidential election.

First – from a FOX PAC poll conducted from 26 – 28 June 2011 – let’s look at who would be the Republican/Tea Party (GOTP) nominee if it all ended today:

Romney  18; Perry 13; Bachmann 11; Palin 8; Paul 7; Cain 5; Huntsman 3; Gingrich 3; Pawlenty 3 and Santorum 2

As the “race moves into the heart of summer, Romney (aka Flopsy Mopsy) still leads followed by Perry (Pres of the Republic of Texas, who has not announced, and probably won’t run), Bachmann (aka Krazy) has made it into the double digits replacing Palin (aka the Ice Queen who has still not announced she’s running – she isn’t).

It is interesting to note that FOX is strongly backing Flopsy and Krazy, and they are both doing very well, while the former FOX PAC poster child Palin is all but disappearing from the polls – see what “Jury Duty” will do to you?

And second, how do the GOTP pack stack up against President Obama? Well, if the election was held today, according to a poll conducted by McClatchy/Marist from 15 – 23 June 2011:

President Obama 46/Romney 42

President Obama 49/Bachmann 37

President Obama 56/Palin 30

President Obama 47/Pawlenty 33

President Obama 48/Cain 38

President Obama 52/Gingrich 39

President Obama 54/Paul 36

President Obama 52/Huntsman 34

So, only Flopsy Mopsy, who has closed the gap to four points really would stand any chance at all of defeating the President, if the election were held today. However, since the odds of the far-right uber religious Tea Party ever supporting a “Mormon” for president is highly unlikely, the GOTP will end up with someone infinitely less qualified and equally infinitely more likely to get shellacked come November 2012.

It’s interesting to note there are no major polls yet conducted which have Santorum figured into the equation indicating major polling organizations have yet to count him as running a legitimate campaign? But what makes it more interesting is these same organizations count the likes of Gingrich, Cain, Paul and Huntsman as being legit?

To recap, if the GOTP nomination circus – and the general election had both ended this week Flopsy would be the GOTP candidate, and he would have lost to the President.


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2 responses to “Latest 2012 Presidential Polls (2 Jul 11 edition)

  1. concerned conservative

    July 5, 2011 at 13:08

    Im sure the president will get plenty of opportunities to hurt his standing with the American voters before the actual election. We will see if Obummer can hold on tight to something that never should have been his in the first place. It is the idiocy in this country that voted him in to begin with. Stop drinking the kool-aid people. Obummer has done nothing for this country and he will continue to destroy the value of the dollar and make it harder for small businesses to grow. History lesson, small cap businesses have and always will be the backbone of the economic system that makes this country grow.

    • dcpolk

      July 11, 2011 at 09:02



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