Last-minute budget proposal from the President would be irresponsible?

03 Jul

Republican Tea Party (GOTP)  Senator John Cornyn claims it would be irresponsible for President Obama to present a last-minute proposal in the budget debate, the GOTP Texan says time is running out for the president and the GOTP leadership in Congress to negotiate a deal with an Aug. 2 deadline looming to raise the government borrowing limit.

So, let me get this straight Senator, the President presenting a proposal – last minute as you claim – would be irresponsible, but Republican Tea Party members of Congress holding the nation hostage over raising the debt ceiling isn’t? Of course the fact that you, and almost every other conservative member of Congress voted to raise the debt ceiling repeatedly during the Bush Administration was OK, but now it’s tantamount to a  capital crime? That may play well with the Tea Party crowd, but the rest of the country isn’t nearly that stupid.

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Posted by on July 3, 2011 in Debt Ceiling


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