Brown says tax increase is off the table?

06 Jul

Republican Tea Party (GOTP) Senator Scott Brown has jumped into the ring regarding the fight over the federal budget.

During a stop in Springfield last week Brown reportedly said the President has proposed a debt reduction plan that includes $400 billion in tax increases, but as far as he was concerned tax hikes are off the table.

“There’s a whole host of things you can do before raising taxes. Why is it that the first thing people think about? We could repatriate our money, streamline, consolidate, we can. Payroll tax deduction for businesses to create jobs to stimulate the economy,” Brown said.

Yeah, we’ll just give more tax breaks to the wealthy, that’s worked so well during the past ten years, and we should just keep doing that. What? Were you seriously dropped out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down? Why is the GOTP answer – every time – when talking about the debt to cut taxes for the rich and cut programs for the poor? So now Senator Brown has shown he’s just like every other conservative in the Congress, bought, paid for and elected by and for the wealthiest among us.

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