Romney opposes debt ceiling deal?

01 Aug

According to the Associated Press (AP) Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential candidate Mitt Romney opposes the deal to raise the nation’s debt ceiling.

Wow, big shocker; that story’s as surprising as one I once read which said, “Jews to celebrate Hanukah”.

It appears the former progressive Massachusetts governor says the compromise, backed by President Barack Obama and congressional leaders in both parties, opens the door to higher taxes and defense cuts. Romney opposes anything other than the House Republican “cut, cap and balance” approach that required Congress to send a balanced budget amendment to the states.

Of course he does. The fact Flopsy Mopsy (Romney) supports the idea of a constitutional amendment requiring the federal government to operate under a balanced budget demonstrates his lack of macroeconomics. Let’s make something abundantly clear; while it’s charming for GOTP candidates to talk of each of us having to balance our check books each month, national governments do not function on the same economic principal – never have and never will. Our country – as have virtually all countries – has always operated with a debt; while it’s true there have been budget surpluses – as in what George W. Bush inherited and promptly spent into record deficit levels – we have always had some debt; in fact, we’re still paying on some of the nation’s original debt incurred in winning our independence.

Romney (Flopsy) would balance the budget on the shoulders of the elderly and the poor while protecting the wealthiest 2% of the population – of which he is a member; same old GOTP plan.

Guess what other GOTP candidate opposes the deal? Michele (Krazy) Bachmann, that’s who, and the fact Flopsy (Romney) is in agreement with Krazy (Bachmann) should be enough to send Mitt running into the woods screaming in terror.


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