OK Conservatives, Put Up or Shut Up

31 Aug

The following is making the rounds posted by conservatives on Facebook, “NYC Policemen and Firefighters are not invited to the 10th anniversary of 9/11 at Ground Zero….. Apparently there isn’t enough room. They weren’t invited on that day in 2001 either; THEY JUST SHOWED UP! Please re-post if you think those heroes belong there more than the Politicians do.”

Well, let’s see, an estimated 91,000 police, firefighters and other first responders helped with the search and rescue efforts in the wake of the September 11th attacks, isn’t it interesting that the same uber-conservatives who wouldn’t vote to extend benefits to these brave man and women now have their nickers in a knot because there’s not enough room for all 91,000 of them to attend the 9-11 Memorial dedication and ten year commemoration of the attacks.

To those on the right, enough already with politicizing 9-11; put your money where your mouth is; enough with your phoney uber-patriotism.

First responders aren’t being invited because no one on the left cares; there simply isn’t enough room for everyone. Yes the President is attending, and so is Bush and Giuliani; but seriously, give it a rest. Your flag waving when it suits you is tiresome, you cheer the first responders and soldiers as they rush in and then cut their benefits after they stumble out of the debris and from the battlefields.

It wasn’t – and isn’t – the President and Democratic Party that refused to extend first responder benefits and that continues to threaten to cut VA benefits – it’s the uber-patriots of the Republican Tea Party. Again, I say, put your money where your mouth is GOTP, raise taxes on the top 2% and take care of those who take care of us. It’s time to put up or shut up.

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