Mittens offers his economic plan?

06 Sep

The Associated Press (AP) is reporting Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has released his own economic plan in an attempt to upstage President Obama’s speech on Thursday.

Mittens is reportedly calling for lowering the corporate tax rate and eliminating capital gains taxes as part of a plan to try to lift the struggling economy and create jobs; he allegedly has some detailing 59 specific proposals aimed at fixing the nation’s stubbornly high unemployment rate, now at 9.1.

“At best, government can provide a framework in which economic growth can occur. All too often, however, government gets in the way,” Mittens wrote Tuesday in an opinion piece in USA Today previewing his 160-page plan. “The past three years of unparalleled government expansion have retaught that lesson all too well.”

Mitten’s plan calls for lowering the tax rate for corporations currently 35 percent, allegedly to encourage more companies to keep profits in the U.S.; Mittens also wants to eliminate taxes on interest, capital gains and dividends, all “aimed at middle-class Americans as a way to spur investment among individuals”.

Gee, that’s awfully nice, but very few middle-class Americans actually pay that tax; and here’s Mittens calling for lower corporate taxes just a few weeks after declaring “Corporations are people.”

Caught up in the whole Tea Party idea of “if something cost more money you have to offset it with a cut” Mittens is proposing steps he says will help ensure new regulations at government agencies don’t cost money. If a new set of rules raises costs for businesses, Mittens would require that a different set of regulations be eliminated.

So, if a new regulation is implemented by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) costing airlines additional money, under Mitten’s proposal the FAA would have to drop a different regulation – or regulations – equally the same amount of monies in savings? First off, government is not a business, and secondly if it were and Mittens was president he’d chop it up and auction it off to the highest bidder the same way he did to corporations he purchased.

“I have spent most of my career in the private sector starting new businesses and turning around ailing ones. Unlike career politicians who’ve never met a payroll, I know why jobs come and go,” Mittens mewed in USA Today.

Well, not entirely true, in fact not true at all; Romney is a political animal, born and raised in a political family; daddy was a governor who ran for president, mommy ran for the U.S. Senate; Mittens first entered the political gene pool in his unsuccessful run in Massachusetts against Senator Ted Kennedy – a race where Mittens actually was very liberal – in 1994; he ran for governor of Massachusetts in 2002 spending $6.3 million of his own money on the race, he only served one term having used his office as a spring board into national politics and his desire to run for the presidency, which he first attempted in 2008 when he lost to John McCain. Mittens is not the “non-politician” he’s trying to portray.

On top of everything else Mittens rolls out the same old tired GOTP economic plan of cutting taxes for the wealthy, and giving additional tax breaks to his newly christened “people” the corporations of America. After a decade of tax cuts, someone needs to ask, “Where’s the jobs”? Mitten’s is smoke and mirrors designed to make him look presidential without supplying anything fresh, bold or energizing.

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