Why I’m not a Republican

05 Oct

If you want to know why I’m not a Republican it’s because I don’t condone needless war;I don’t support the torture of prisoners; I don’t cheer anyone’s death (even a death row inmate – or a terrorist thug); I don’t jeer someone – even a hypothetical someone – dying because of lack of health insurance; and I don’t – ever – boo an American soldier fighting for his country …

I don’t believe we balance the budget by making millions of dollars available to the rich and powerful while cutting spending to education, police and fire departments …

I don’t believe job creation is when people work for minimum wage, with no benefits …

I don’t cheer 9-11 responders heroism and then advocate cutting off their healthcare; I don’t think you tie emergency funding for victims of natural disasters to spending cuts – ever; I don’t think you give tax cuts to the wealthy while making spending cuts to the poor and the needy; I don’t think we need the federal government teaching morals – the Lord teaches those to me, not the President or the Congress … the government’s job is to fix the pot holes, keep the lights burning, and the water running; it’s to defend the weak, protect our streets and to put out fires, it’s not not supposed to decide what is, and what is not sin – again, the Lord decides that …

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