Does Christmas come too early?

09 Nov

It is truly amazing to me how some with one breath will scream, “it’s too early to see Christmas decorations in November! It’s too early for Christmas music”! But in their next breath will soon be decrying there’s a “war on Christmas”!

So, which is it, it’s too early, or there’s a war on Christmas?

Now, don’t get me wrong, October is definitely too early to be seeing Christmas trees and decorations in retail stores, but I really don’t have a problem seeing them once we’re in November. The funny thing is how it’s the uber-conservative, so-called “Christians” who will lament the President calling Christmas trees “Holiday trees” – which by the way he isn’t, and neither is the First Lady – but then they become positively green with Grinchness if they see so much as sprig of holly before they’ve given thanks over a dead bird.

Why is it they profess with their lips to love Christ, but abhor hearing music and seeing decorations proclaiming His holy birth but for four short weeks of the year?

It’s the same thing with flying the flag, they’ll – for the most part – proudly thump their oh so patriotic chests when they – sometimes – remember to fly Old Glory on the handful of traditionally recognized federal holidays, but will never think of flying it at any other time of the year; so they only demonstrate their love of country – of which there are 20 “official” days to do so – less than 5% of the time? The same goes for decrying – during the 2008 Presidential election – the lack of flag lapel pins, but then suddenly once President Obama was elected they all stopped wearing them, you know types.

But back to Christmas; so, which is it uber-conservatives, do you really love the Christ, or is it lip service? Do you find wonder at His birth, or do you only think about for less than 7% of the year? You can’t scream it’s too early and then later scream there’s a war on Christmas! You’re either for Christmas or you’re against it, you can’t be both. Are you Bob Cratchet, or Ebenezer Scrooge? Are you Cindy Loo Hoo, or the Grinch? But please, if you’re going to scream about it being too early to celebrate the birth of the Savior in November, which is something to celebrate year round, shut your gobs when everyone at Walmart doesn’t joyfully say “Merry Christmas” to you as you grab your collection of “deals” on Black Friday.

Oh, by-the-by, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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