Waterboarding is torture

14 Nov

USA Today is reporting that President Obama is challenging the views of his Republican Tea Party (GOTP) opponents on Iran and support of waterboarding as an interrogation technique.

Asked about Mittens Romney’s criticism he isn’t stopping Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, the President told reporters anyone who claims this is an easy issue “is either politicking or doesn’t know what they’re talking about.”

I’d personally say with respects to this crop of candidates, it’s both Mr. President, they’re all politicking and they definitely don’t have a clue on foreign policy, but less much of anything else.

“You take a look at what we’ve been able to accomplish in mobilizing the world community against Iran over the last three years and it shows steady, determined, firm progress in isolating the Iranian regime, and sending a clear message that the world believes it would be dangerous for them to have a nuclear weapon,” the President said.

The President also reportedly said, of Iran: “Not only the world, but the Iranian regime understands very clearly how determined we are to prevent not only a nuclear Iran but also a nuclear arms race in the region, and a violation of nonproliferation norms that would have implications around the world, including in the Asia Pacific region where we have similar problems with North Korea.”

During another recent so-called GOTP “debate”, Mittens described Iran as the President’s “greatest failure” in foreign policy, and, “if we re-elect Barack Obama, Iran will have a nuclear weapon.”

Of course he has no facts to back up his statement, he’s just throwing it out there; Mittens might as well have said, “If we re-elect Barack Obama, we’ll discover the moon is made of green cheese.”

During the same “debate”, Herman “Pizza Man” Cain and Michele “Krazy” Bachmann said they’d bring back waterboarding as an interrogation technique on terrorism suspects; Cain said, “I don’t see that as torture,” while Bachmann called the technique “very effective” in learning about terrorism plans.

“They’re wrong,” the President responded. “Waterboarding is torture.”

“It’s contrary to America’s traditions,” he added. “It’s contrary to our ideals. That’s not who we are. That’s not how we operate. We don’t need it in order to prosecute the war on terrorism. And we did the right thing by ending that practice.”

“If we want to lead around the world, part of our leadership is setting a good example. And anybody who has actually read about and understands the practice of waterboarding would say that that is torture. And that’s not something we do, period.”

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One response to “Waterboarding is torture

  1. Phil Bundy

    November 14, 2011 at 05:19

    This is one powerful reason why I’m a member of, and why I’ll vote, Democratic.


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