Latest 2012 Presidential Polls – 14 Dec 11 Edition

14 Dec

A new Reuters/Ipsos poll of registered voters conducted from 8 – 12 Dec 11 has been released concerning the Republican Tea Party (GOTP) nominating circus; the current poll results are:

Newton Leroy Gingrich 28; Mittens Romney 18; Ronny Paul 12; Reverend Rick Perry 12; Michele “Krazy” Bachmann 10; Jon “I can’t believe it’s not butter” Huntsman 5 and Ricky “The Ric” Santorum 4

So, the GOTP version of the Island of Misfit Candidates labors on with Newton holding on to what appears to be shrinking lead over Bridesmaid Mittens; but that news isn’t good for Mittens as the other GOTP candidates all climbed a little higher this week; Paul is gaining in third tied now with Reverend Perry while Krazy’s prediction may be coming true with at least some of Herman Cain’s former followers “going home to her”; Huntsman has his biggest leap thus far in the polls moving up to 5% while Santorum continues at the bottom.

In Iowa, a new Insider Advantage poll of likely voters conducted 12 Dec 11: Gingrich 27; Paul 17; Perry 13; Romney 12; Bachmann 10; Santorum 7 and Huntsman 4

In New Hampshire, the Insider Advantage poll of likely voters conducted 12 Dec 11: Mittens 29; Gingrich 24; Paul 21; Huntsman 11; Bachmann 4; Santorum 2 and Perry 1

In South Carolina, the NBC News/Marist poll of likely voters conducted 4 – 6 Dec 11: Gingrich 42; Romney 23; Paul 9; Perry and Bachmann 7; Huntsman 3 and Santorum 4

In Florida, the new NBC News/Marist poll of likely voters conducted on 04 – 07 Dec 11: Gingrich 44; Romney 29; Paul 8; Perry 4; Bachmann and Huntsman 3; Santorum 2

In the four states with the lead off primaries – or caucuses – Gingrich leads big with 3 states and over Romney’s 1 …

Concerning how the GOTP “candidates stack up against the President; according to a NBC News/Wall St. Jrnl poll of likely voters conducted 07 – 11 Dec 11, if the general election were held today:

President Obama 47/Romney 45

President Obama 51/Gingrich 40

So, if the GOTP clown car had finally stopped spinning, and the general election was held today, Newton Leroy Gingrich would be the GOTP nominee, but he would’ve lost huge to President Obama.

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