Mittens Says ‘We Would Not Have Gone In’ If We Knew There Were No Weapons of Mass Destruction?

22 Dec

Huffington Post is reporting Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential bridesmaid Mittens Romney, speaking to NBC News’ Chuck Todd, seemed to shift positions on the Iraq War.

As highlighted by New York Magazine‘s Jonathan Chait, Mittens attempted to explain to Todd, “If we knew at the time of our entry into Iraq that there were no weapons of mass destruction, if somehow we had been given that information, obviously we would not have gone in.”

“You don’t think we would have gone in?” asked Todd.

“Well of course not,” Mittens mewed in response. “The president went in based upon intelligence that they had weapons of mass destruction. Had he known that that was not the case; the U.N. would not have put forward resolutions authorizing this type of action. The president would not have been pursuing that course. But we did not know that. Based upon what we knew at the time, we were very much under the impression as a nation, our president was under the impression, that they had weapons of mass destruction that Saddam Hussein was intent on potentially using those weapons, and so he took action based upon what he knew. But to go back and say, well knowing what we know now would we have gone in? Well, knowing what we know now, they did not have weapons of mass destruction; there would have been no effort on the part of our president or others to take military action.”

Of course when Mittens was running for the GOTP nomination in 2008 he took a much different position on the conflict; The New York Times, moderator Tim Russert asked Romney during a 2008 presidential debate if the Iraq War was “a good idea worth the cost in blood and treasure we have spent.” Romney answered, “It was the right decision to go into Iraq. I supported it at the time; I support it now.” As Chait explains, Romney’s debate answer came at a time when it was already clear that Iraq possessed no weapons of mass destruction.

Huffington reports Mittens’ latest comments come only a few days after the U.S. marked the end of the nearly nine year conflict. The GOTP wannabe hasn’t been shy in his criticism of President Obama’s handling of the troop withdrawal. Recently, BBC News reported Romney said, “I think we’re going to find that this president, by not putting in place a status-of-forces agreement with the Iraqi leadership, has pulled our troops out in a precipitous way and we should have left 10-, 20-, 30,000 personnel there to help transition to the Iraqis’ own military capabilities.”

Mittens thinks he can say whatever he wants to whomever he wants and that there’re no consequences; in today’s media savvy electronic world that’s simply not the case and it’s going to bite him in the butt. Romney’s a flip-flopper of the highest order and that demonstrates a level of untrustworthiness that should concern all Americans because the last thing this country needs is a President who has no moral compass and flies by the seat of his pants on every issue.

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