Romney says Gingrich campaign’s a sitcom?

28 Dec

According to the Associated Press (AP), Republican Tea Party (GOTP) perpetual presidential bridesmaid, Mittens Romney is comparing Newton Gingrich’s campaign to the 1950’s sitcom, “I Love Lucy”.

Mittens mewed about Newton during a stop in New Hampshire, knocking the former House speaker for likening his trouble getting onto Virginia’s primary ballot to attacks on Pearl Harbor in 1941.

“I think he compared that to … what was it, Pearl Harbor? I think it’s more like Lucille Ball at the chocolate factory,” Mittens mewed, referring to the episode where the homemaker Lucy switches places with her husband for a day and is humorously overwhelmed as chocolates fly past her on an assembly line. “You’ve got to get it organized.”

GOTP officials in Virginia announced over the weekend that Gingrich had failed to submit enough signatures to get on the ballot for the state’s March 6 primary. In a post on Facebook, campaign manager Michael Krull compared the situation to the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor in December 1941.

Wow, really? So, GOTP officials are the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor because the yokels on the Gingrich campaign can’t get their collective acts together? How pathetic. What this demonstrates is how flat footed Newton’s team really is; he never seriously expected to be in a position to be challenging Mittens for the nomination and the three ring circus he calls a campaign is proof positive of that with Gingrich wearing the red nose and big floppy shoes. If the Newt campaign resembles any kind of TV show however it’s not “I Love Lucy”, it’s “Benny Hill”.

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