Latest 2012 Presidential Polls – 9 Jan 12 (New Hampshire Primary) Edition

09 Jan

Concerning the ongoing Republican Tea Party (GOTP) nominating circus (New Hampshire Primary Edition), a new WMUR/UNH poll of likely voters conducted 5 – 8 Jan 12 has been released and Romney is way out in front (no big surprise) with Paul in second and Huntsman a close third: Romney 41; Paul 18; Huntsman 16; Gingrich 12; Santorum 11and Perry 1.

Nationally, a new CBS News poll of registered voters conducted 4 – 8 Jan 12, Romney is barely in the lead, and seems to be benefitting from the plethora of anti-Romney candidates still in competition: Mittens 19; Gingrich 15; Santorum 14; Paul 10; Perry 6 and Huntsman 4.

In South Carolina the wheels have clearly come off the Gingrich mobile, a new PPP (D) poll of likely voters: Romney 30; Gingrich 23; Santorum 19; Paul 9; Perry 5 and Huntsman 4.

In the Sunshine State (Florida to FOX viewers) Mittens has surged ahead in a new Quinnipiac poll of likely voters: Romney 36; Gingrich 24; Santorum 16; Paul 10 Perry 5 and Huntsman 2.

So, clearly Mittens is becoming the solid (sort of) GOTP nominee favorite – unless some of the lame brain anti-Romney’s finally wake up and drop out of the race – but how does he stand up to the President if the General Election was held today?

Well surprise Timmy, a new Rasmussen Reports poll of likely voters conducted 3 – 4 Jan 12 now has the race tied:

President Obama 42/Romney 42

President Obama 49/Gingrich 39

And of course nobody else matters at this point.

If the GOTP Magical Mystery Tour had spun to a stop today, and if the general election were also held today, Mittens would be the GOTP choice (sort of) and he would’ve tied with the President, of course it’s a Rasmussen Poll which means it’s skewed at least five points to Romney’s side which further means the President would likely win.

In one of the first tests of the upcoming 2012 Congressional contest, the latest poll on the Oregon 1st Congressional Special Election (to be held 31 Jan 12) conducted by SurveyUSA of likely voters from 22 Dec 11 – 4 Jan 12 has Democratic candidate Suzanne Bonamici way out in the lead ahead of GOTP Rob Cornilles 50/39, is this the bell weather test of the upcoming 2012 contest, or is this as has been said many times before, simply a case of “All politics” being “local”.

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