No more lap dances

17 Feb

While Republican Tea Party (GOTP) members of the House and Senate are licking their collective political wounds after approving the payroll tax cut bill extending unemployment benefits through 2012, former GOTP presidential hopeful, Congresswoman Michele “Krazy” Bachmann’s doing her best to spin it as a win, crowing how conservatives have put an end to recipients using their debit cards to receive lap dances.

“They’re extending unemployment, too, but the big thing that we get is no longer can a welfare recipient walk into a strip club and get money out of an ATM machine to pay for a lap dance,” she told conservative radio host Mark Levin. “Now, I’m not making this up. That’s the big thing that we get out of this bill.”

That’s right folks, with all the issues we’re dealing with in the economy the GOTP House and Senate members in the Congress have taken the time to ensure welfare recipients won’t be able to use government-issued debit cards to get cash through ATM’s at strip clubs, casinos or liquor stores.

“Welfare recipients across the country have been using their welfare cards — they look like credit cards, it’s a debit card. They get these debit cards, they can walk into a casino, they can walk into a liquor store, they can walk into a strip club and if there’s an ATM machine in there, they can use their welfare card, draw down the money and use it to pay for gambling, lap dances,” Krazy claimed.

Bachmann called the issue “unbelievable.”

“People need to be outraged by this, because we are literally going into hock and reducing our standard of living to keep this kind of ridiculous spending up,” she said. “That’s a problem.”

We’re going into hock because a few welfare recipients might have taken their benefits and gone to a peep show or a casino? No, someone needs to explain to Krazy that we’re in “hock” because we were thrown into two wars without raising taxes to pay for them – instead, the uber-conservatives gave us tax cuts for wealthy and a devastated economy. It’s time for the Congresswoman to get a new brain captain; hers is either dead or asleep at the wheel.

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