McCain says Limbaugh’s comments were ‘Totally Unacceptable’

06 Mar

According to news reports, former Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential candidate John McCain said it’s “totally unacceptable” for Rush Limbaugh to call a law student a “slut” in the political furor over requiring that women get birth control coverage free of charge.

Speaking out on the CBS program `This Morning,’ the McCain said Limbaugh’s statements were unacceptable “in every way” and “should be condemned” by people across the political spectrum.

While it’s true Limbaugh has attempted to apologize for the three day long attack on Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke the controversy continues to storm around him with more than 20 advertisers and two radio stations dropping his program.

The current crop of GOTP presidential candidates are desperately scrambling to distance themselves from Rush’s comments but Democrats are in a feeding frenzy, seizing on the flap to accuse conservatives of waging a “war on women.”

Limbaugh’s wrong, that’s all, he’s wrong; no ifs, ands or buts. There’s no justification for his attack on Fluke and his so-called apology clearly isn’t cutting it. He needs to man up and do the right thing; oh wait, what am I saying?

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