President Obama raises a lot more money than Romney

19 Mar

In spite of Conservative Talker’s efforts claiming President Obama’s losing favor with his constituents and his “lack” of fundraising supposedly being evidence of this, the Obama/Biden team reportedly picked up $45 million for its re-election bid in February, bringing total raised to about $300 million for this election cycle, compared to $11.5 million raised by Republican Tea Party (GOTP) hopeful Willard Mitt Romney for February; of course Romney burned through more than $18 million in January, winning 65 of 115 delegates at a cost of about $277,000 per delegate as he lost Iowa to Rick Santorum and South Carolina to Newton Leroy Gingrich, and while the President had to spend next to nothing in comparison; the President also raised $29.1 million in January compared to Romney’s $6.4 million.

But yeah, he’s nowhere near as popular as Romney …

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