Romney supports Walker?

28 Mar

Talk about saying whatever it takes to win a nomination, according to news reports, Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential wannabee Willard Mitt Romney has told Wisconsin voters he supports embattled Governor Scott Walker.

“Governor Walker is, in my opinion, an excellent governor,” Romney said, according to a report by ABC News. “And I believe that he is right to stand up for the citizens of Wisconsin and to insist that those people who are working in the public sector unions have rights to affect their wages but that these benefits and retiree benefits have fallen out of line with the capacity of the state to pay them.”

“And so I support the governor in his effort to rein in the excesses that have permeated the public sector union and government negotiations over the years,” Romney said.

Clearly Willard doesn’t understand the facts concerning Wisconsin’s financial woes, such as they were created by, wait for it, tax cuts to the wealthy and tax breaks to Walker supporters which created a monstrous deficit Walker tried to blame on school teachers, nurses, cops and firemen; hence the recall. Once again Romney is going after those evil public sector employees who are single handedly responsible for the financial downfall of America. Those darned teachers with their exorbitant salaries and retirement packages.

Of course Willard seems oblivious to the recall campaign being waged against Walker; he’s either as obtuse on these matters as he appears or he’s willing to side with an uber-conservative governor who’s fighting for his political life in an attempt to appear more conservative than Rick Santorum; eventually he has to come back towards sanity, aka the middle, and Wisconsin voters aren’t likely to forget his full throated support of Walker.

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