Ann Romney’s been denied the dignity of work?

16 Apr

So, last week it was the height of insult to stay at homes to merely suggest Ann Romney had never worked a day in her life, but lo and behold, who said just a few months ago that poor women who stay at home to raise their children should be given federal assistance for child care so that they can enter the job market and “have the dignity of work”?

If you said Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presumptive presidential candidate Willard Mitt Romney you’d be absolutely correct, and you’d win a cookie. In fact, Willard gave the world this pearl of wisdom just last January; sort of undercuts the whole sense of righteous indignation and extreme pique he demonstrated last week defending his wife against the unmitigated  attacks from Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen.

According to Huffington Post, Willard’s seemingly forgotten remark, made to a 1950’s era conservative Manchester, N.H., audience was unearthed by MSNBC’s “Up w/Chris Hayes,” and aired during his show this past weekend.

For Willard it appears there’s clearly a difference between stay-at-home moms supported by federal assistance and those backed by hundreds of millions in private equity income. According to Willard, poor women shouldn’t be given the choice his wife was able to afford; instead they should be required to work outside the home to receive Temporary Assistance for Needy Families benefits.

“Even if you have a child 2 years of age, you need to go to work,” Willard declared of moms on TANF.

“I wanted to increase the work requirement,” Willard mewed. “I said, for instance, that even if you have a child 2 years of age, you need to go to work. And people said, ‘Well that’s heartless.’ And I said, ‘No, no, I’m willing to spend more giving day care to allow those parents to go back to work. It’ll cost the state more providing that daycare, but I want the individuals to have the dignity of work.'”

But wait, Mitt’s January view simply echoes a remark he made in 1994 during his failed Senate campaign when he said, “This is a different world than it was in the 1960s when I was growing up, when you used to have Mom at home and Dad at work,” Romney said “Now Mom and Dad both have to work whether they want to or not, and usually one of them has two jobs.”

WHOA, HOLD THE PHONE MATE! So, in other words Willard’s admitting his wife’s never experienced “the dignity of work”?

Of course for families like the Romney’s it’s still the 1960’s and Mom gets to stay home making those tough economic decisions like, “how many car elevators do we really need?”

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