Latest 2012 Presidential Polls – 4 Jun 12 Edition

04 Jun

With 22 weeks to go, Republican Tea Party (GOTP) “it’s my turn” bully-boy Willard Mitt Romney has finally passed the “oh so magical” 1,144 delegates to officially make him the nominee.

However, with that said the final tally of current GOTP popular votes:

Romney 7,903,204 (48%)

Other than Romney 8,239,701 (51%)

While Willard’s now the so-called “nominee”, there’s still been more votes cast for anyone but Romney than for Romney from within his own party; as stated before, this has never happened since the GOTP started using the primary process, and it speaks volumes to how the party feels about their candidate, and about the likelihood of his overall success come November.

So, how does the GOTP candidate stand up against the President?

In the most recent viable’ poll(s) – which are any group other than FOX News or Rasmussen – the most current CNN/Opinion Research poll of registered voters conducted 29-31 May 12, if the general election were held today:

President Obama 49/Romney 46

If the general election was held today, Willard Mitt Romney still loses to President Obama in the general election.

How big would Willard lose? Well, if the General Election were held today, the Electoral College totals based on all available current poll numbers:


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2 responses to “Latest 2012 Presidential Polls – 4 Jun 12 Edition

  1. corey

    June 4, 2012 at 20:02

    I thought msnbc reported FL was going Romney this week. Still and all, surprised and pleased by those numbers.

  2. Phil Bundy

    June 5, 2012 at 06:03

    Latest NBC News/Marist poll conducted 24 May 12: President Obama 48/Romney 44


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