The Master of Sleight of Hand Rhetoric, Willard Romney Says ‘Words are Cheap’

13 Jun

According to numerous news sources the Republican Tea Party (GOTP) presidential hopeful Willard Mitt Romney is attempting to pin his own moniker of flip-flopper onto the President claiming while the President will speak “eloquently,” as he delivers an economic speech in Ohio, “words are cheap.”

Willard says the President will “change course” after his comment last week that the “private sector is doing fine.”

Well, let’s see, record braking profits for corporations, record breaking bonuses to CEOs, the Stock Market well 4,000 points higher than it was when the President was inaugurated; hmmmm, looks like the President’s right, the private sector’s doing just fine.

“He said, as you know, just a few days ago that the private sector is doing fine, but the incredulity that came screaming back from the American people, I think, has caused him to rethink that, and I think you’re gonna see him change course when he speaks tomorrow, where he will acknowledge that it isn’t going so well, and he’ll be asking for four more years,” Willard mewed.

Haven’t heard any screaming; well, OK, there’s that noise from FOX News, and right wing radio, but if the President stood up tomorrow and said the sky was sunny and blue, they’d scream it was grey and looking like rain.

“So instead of three years and he’s out, he wants four more years,” he said. “My own view is that he will speak eloquently, but that words are cheap, and that the record of an individual is the basis upon which you determine whether they should continue to hold on to their job. The record is that we have 23 million Americans that are out of work or stopped looking for work or underemployed. That is a compelling and a sad statistic. These are real people.”

So, Willard thinks “words are cheap”, no surprise considering how often he changes his own words. It was just last week he was snidely saying of the President, “He says we need more firemen, more policemen, more teachers. Did he not get the message of Wisconsin? The American people did. It’s time for us to cut back on government and help the American people.”

But wait, that’s not all, when he found himself in the midst of real incredulity screaming back from the American people on his desire to cut the number of teachers, police officers and fire fighters, suddenly he’s back peddling saying, “it’s “absurd” to think he wants to reduce the number of teachers, fire fighters and police officers, and that those charges are “strange”.

Willard’s attempting to negatively describe President Obama’s as being “the most anti-investment, anti-business, anti-jobs series of policies in modern American history.”

“The reason that it has taken so long for this recovery to gain traction and to put people back to work is in large measure because of the policy choices the president made. He is not responsible for whatever improvement we might be seeing,” said Romney. “Instead, he’s responsible for the fact that it’s taken so long to see this recovery and the recovery’s been so tepid.”

Actually Willard, the reason it’s taken so long for this recovery to gain traction is because of the GOTP dominated House and the filibustering conservatives in the Senate; for almost two years the GOTP members in the House have introduced more than 100 bills aimed at ended a woman’s right to choose, while introducing none with helping the economy to get moving again. They’ve passed the Ryan austerity plan not once but twice, and stalled any additional recovery legislation friendly to the nation’s economy or to the President.

It’s comical Romney would attempt to portray the President as the one changing his mind when it’s Willard who can’t find a coherent policy lasting more than a single news cycle and often not even that long; and frequently he has trouble finding a coherent sentence, “I believe in an America where millions of Americans believe in an America that’s the America millions of Americans believe in. That’s the America I love.”

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